Friday, November 4, 2011

Crayola Date Night

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With the Cold weather rapidly approaching you will be spending more nights in than out. I’m always looking for Fun Ideas for Date Nights, so when I came across a box of Crayola Crayons the idea hit me, "Crayola Date Night." Ralph and I have been known to have coloring contest that have went on into the wee hours of the night. I had bought him a Truck coloring book one year as a joke for Christmas, who knew we would be coloring in it later that night?! It’s amazing how you find new things out about each other as the years go by. So it had been established that Ralph and I are a “coloring” couple. 

I thought it would be so much fun to put two folding tables up facing each other and draw self-portraits of one another while having some of our favorite music playing in the background…It turned out to be a great time BLAST!! We laughed the entire Night and I must have went through 100 portraits of Ralph while he worked on his one, It’s so hysterical to look at each other and draw one another!! We couldn’t stop Laughing and enjoyed a Cozy Night at Home…. I will definitely be saving our self-portraits and they will be Framed and put in a possible refinished basement/playroom in the Future. 

Did you Know CRAYOLA CRAYON Stopped by and sent me this E-mail 

                                                            Pretty Crazy Right!!! :o)
See Sammie Hiding?! Silly Dog :)

*You have to try it, it’s so funny to see how the person you Love see’s you! Send them to me HERE and I will add them to a “BLOG Special”, Looking Forward to seeing all your Self Portraits using CRAYOLA Crayons!!  (Have Children: make it a “Family Night” and pull names out of a hat to see who has to draw who, it will be comical to see yourself through the eyes of say a 6 year old!!) 
My Portrait of Ralphie ^                                                     Ralph's Portrait Of Me and The Dog's ^

We even Topped the Night off with Crayon Freeze Pops.
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Allison Beckett said...

i just have to say how freaking awesome your drawing is of your husband!!! but we seriously cant't do this because would draw stick figures and be done lol

Sarah Renee said...

Hahaha Allison we did do a few stick people before we got serious and really tried!! Still lots of fun :) **he's not my husband yet ;) hoping one day soon :) thanks for the compliment!!

Laura Noland said...

You guys are awesome drawers! I wish I could draw that well lol.

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