Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving came and went so fast, where does the time go. I don’t know if it’s me or does it seem like this year is flying by?! Thanksgiving Day was perfect, we did our Traditions that make the day always feel so special, Ralph and I fall asleep with the curtains open, we never set an alarm for Thanksgiving day as we always get up to the light shining through. I woke up first and made some Homemade Blueberry Muffins, put on the Macy’s Day Parade and cleaned the House. Ralph and the Dogs were up an hour later and we settled down and relaxed before we headed out for the day.

This morning was funny when we started getting ready, Ralph was in the shower and I picked out his clothes. When he came up stairs he laughed at the Purple Ralph Lauren button up dress shirt, Grey Brooks Brothers Tie and Khaki Gap pants I had laid out. I liked LOVED the outfit I had picked out, it matched mine perfectly. I told him to pick something out that he thinks I would like, he went with a Cream RL polo and Gap jeans, so hesitantly I agreed, you can’t win every battle and he told me I could pick out his Christmas outfit so I agreed. ;) (I like to match hehe)

I changed out of my purple Dress and put a more dressed down outfit on, although I was completely happy with it and way more comfortable! We left for Ralph’s mom’s house, of course 20 minutes later than we intended…Ralph’s fault ;) We had the most unbelievable Thanksgiving dinner, talked, laughed and shared stories. Played with the new Baby on his very first Thanksgiving, stuffed ourselves with pies and pastries, as Ralph’s mom packed up containers of leftovers to take home (Ralph’s favorite part,  Turkey sandwiches’ & Turkey soup for Friday!)  Said our goodbye’s and I love you’s and headed to my family’s our second destination. We arrived just in time for more dessert!! We rolled out of the house...

On to the third and final destination, my friend Sonia’s house. As I pull in (second time since she and her husband moved there) I pulled up to the building and walked over to a buzzer panel and looked for her name or her new last name and couldn’t find either as I stand there unable to get into the building I call her phone (no answer) Hmmmm what to do, Ring a couple of buzzers...nothing, I walk around to the side and see through the bottom slide and glass door a bruins emblem hanging on the wall, Christmas lights and a couch that I was sure was hers…The door is open and I walk right in (no need to knock we have been friends for 10+ years) One foot through the door and I realize this is NOT their apartment!! Thought I heard someone in the other room say “hello” and I slam the door shut and jump in my car, I swear it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without something Crazy and Hilarious happening. *sorry Sonia never “officially” made it over but love the yearbook picture you sent me hahaha

I drive home and pass out before heading out with the rest of the Black Friday Crazies that I said I would Not go out with. The absolute PERFECT Thanksgiving! 

Here are some Pictures from our day….

I feel so Blessed, truly grateful for all the things in my life. We definitely had the 4 F's that always follow our Thanksgiving day......FOOD~FAMILY~FRIENDS~FOOTBALL

Now I will spend this Beautiful Friday Decorating our Home for Christmas, having Leftovers (thanks Sharon!), Renting Movies, and Enjoying the LONG weekend with my Love, Ralph.

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