Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{The Thankful Tree}

I Love bringing the Outdoors into my home, so when I saw this I had to make one of my own. All you need is a jar, sticks from your yard and colorful paper. It’s so simple yet makes a Beautiful center piece for your Thanksgiving table. 

It’s called “ THE THANKFUL TREE” and how suiting. On each circle write something you are thankful for, if you are having guest over have blank circles in a dish next to the tree with a pen so they are able to write what they are thankful for. When Thanksgiving is over take the circles off the tree put them in a plastic baggie and save them for Next year…Over the years watch your tree grow and grow. 

What I also found to be nice was in the years to come if certain people are unable to attend they are always able to be a part of Thanksgiving. 

I will Post pictures of my Thankful tree soon…In the Process of constructing it…I also decided to use scrap booking card stock that was Thanksgiving themed to give it that little something extra. 

 Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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