Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Away

We are off…Ralph, myself and our dogs are headed to the beach house for the long weekend. I love these times. The house is so calm and quiet, you can hear even the gentlest wind and when it is really windy you can hear the house creak, the crackle of the fire place, and the waves crashing against the beach. All of the bedrooms have these wonderful ikea blinds, so the morning sun is shining through as it rises over the seemingly endless ocean line, gleaming in its glorious light, reminding us of God’s love. It’s starting to get cold but that doesn’t stop Ralph and I from wrapping up in a big warm blanket and sitting on the deck overlooking the most beautiful view of the ocean, sipping on, in Ralph’s case coffee and mine, hot chocolate watching the sunrise. No obligations, nowhere to be and no reason to even get dressed. We try to go here at least 6 times a year and usually two weeks in the summer. It’s amazing to experience the beach at different times, each season brings a new beauty, and there is nothing more romantic then walking the beach watching the snowfall over the sand and ocean, although this weekend it will just be a crisp breeze. 
 Our View for the Weekend
We will also be Heading to our Secret Spot tomorrow with a packed Lunch, Read about our secret spot HERE.

This is Where we are Heading....A video from this Summer.

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