Sunday, October 23, 2011

La Sarah Spa

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I’m Always Pampering myself. I Love to Relax and enjoy any type of luxurious treatment. I’ve told Ralph many times that I always see men in the spa being pampered but every time I offer to have him come with me he won’t go! I know if he went just once he would LOVE it. I decided to show him what a real Spa experience was all about, I will be creating the  “La Sarah Spa” in my house for November 4th (I actually had to set a date because we always have things going on.) So the Date is set and now it’s time to prepare!

I planned ahead so Ralph will have something to look forward to. I planned the Spa Night for a Friday but today I will start giving him “spa bucks”—which hinted at what he could expect, but still left him in suspense. After he took out the trash, or fixed something in the house, killed a spider, or did the dishes---pretty much ANYTHING good, I would give him either a $5 or $10 spa buck coupon. 
 So it’s still only 12 and he has already started collecting and he has caught on quick! He figured the more bucks, the better… so he is SEARCHING for spiders, making me laugh hysterically and finding anything possible that could be taken to the trash! 

Then, on Friday…all of his collecting will pay off. I will present him with the “La Sarah Spa” Brochure, which includes all the spa options that he could purchase with his spa bucks.'s how the night will go:

1. When he first arrives at the spa, he will be shown to the bathroom where he could shave his face and get into his white robe. (If you want to get really fancy, put a little tag on the robe with your spa’s name/logo on it). *It's better to have a clean shaven face if you will be offering a facial in your menu.

2. When he is ready, he will come into the “Dinner in the Oasis” – where I will be serving an elegant meal…Menu has not been decided yet but I will be going with one of his favorites!

3. I will let him relax and digest his meal in a little “waiting area” that I will make in our living room with a chair, a fake tree, some magazines, and some Lindt chocolates in a bowl. While he waits, I will go to the bathroom to make sure all was ready,  I will run a hot bubble bath, light the candles, set up the spa sounds which is one of the CD’s I use to use in the spa, but you can easily download some from itunes for cheap or youtube for free.

4. Then, we will proceed with the Spa Night…

5. While he’s in the tub, I put his robe and a white towel in the dryer so they’d be toasty warm when he gets out---that’s always luxurious! 
6. He will pick out things off the menu and enjoy a facial, massage, pedicure, manicure, waxing (if his brave), Paraffin Dip's and whatever else he might want. :0)  

*Don't forget the Dessert!

Here are a few must-haves in my opinion, but you can certainly do w/o them:
*Martinellis Sparkling Cider (we don’t drink) and wine glasses
*Multiple tealights
*A clean white towel  
*Bubble bath Lotion or bath oils
*A shower head which pulls out (this will make the “hydrotherapy massage” work for me)
*Massage lotion with a good slip, and all your own beauty products such as exfoliates and facial scrubs.
*White Robe & Slippers


Becky said...

Are you a massage therapist? Where did you find the resources and instructions for providing the variety of therapy possibilities?

I have done a "spa" day for my husband but not with this many options.

Sarah Renee said...

Hi Becky- I'm not a massage therapist but I am a licensed we did a lot of facial/body treatments.... But Im positive you can find a lot of "how to's" online. I also think as long as your moving your hands your guy will be happy ;) I will do a little research and see if I can find some videos on youtube. Those are always helpful :)

Sarah Renee said...

Oops I responded below...but here is a great link that I think will help :o)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these ideas. I have been giving my hubby "Spa Bucks" for the past few weeks before his b day and I'm now figuring out the last details. Great idea. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

THIS WAS SO FUN!!! Thank you thank you thank you! My boyfriend loved cashing in his spa bucks that he had been working for and it was the first time he took a bath at our house and actually loved it! He said it was the best valentines day ever!!! Thank you Sarah with an H!!!!! -Hedi S.C.

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