Friday, January 27, 2012

"Apple Pie" Pops

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"Apple Pie" Pops

Tonight went from Relaxing/Dinner/Movie to a Full on Bake Session!! I’m getting so excited for Valentine’s Day….This month is Full of Love, as it’s not Only Valentine’s Day but our Anniversary. 

These may be the Cutest things ever….. Mini  "Apple Pie" Pops!
Ralph LOVES Apple pie and I only make it during the fall…but as Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching I decided to make Ralph a Sweet Treat. (He wasn't a fan of the Raspberry "Love" Bites I just made. The raspberries were pretty tart and its hard to find good ones because they are out of season.) But I still thought they were Wicked Cute!

I made it easy on myself and bought pie crust and simply took a heart cookie cutter to make mini pies…The filling is exactly how you make an apple pie filling but just make sure you chop up the apple really really small (and you only need one apple).

                 After this Year of Solid Baking I'm going to Have to do some Serious Working out!! But its ALL been So Yummy....Coming Soon "Healthy Baking" Stay Tuned.
                                     ~Sarah with an H

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