Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Dog

     Ralph and I have been tinkering with the idea of getting another dog....To be Honest with you and myself I don't see this being a reality until the end of 2013 when I graduate FSU. Although that hasn't stopped our minds from wondering at the prospect of happy little puppy feet scurrying through our little nest.
      Our First thought was...What is a good Dog to have with Children?? Yes- we want many of those ;) Also looking for a well mannered dog that will also be added security to our Home. We do have ADT (we have yet to figure it out since moving) and really when you look at Ralph, who in there right mind would break in...but I Love to feel safe. Overall we just want a NICE dog.... After much thought we have decided upon a LAB

Of course I started looking into things for our Home and found some REALLY amazing Idea's that I would Like LOVE to have. Josh my little Black dog loves "Nooks" he will go right under your feet if he feels scared and loves to hide when he hears loud noises.I hate clutter and would never want a big black crate sitting in my living room so I started to think about underutilized spaces in the house and thought of all the space not used under the stairs (empty space) and as soon as I typed in under the stairs dog nooks I found the Cutest ideas!!! Check this out.....
I absolutely cant take how much I love this and although I want to take a Hammer and put a hole in the wall right now...I will wait till Ralph gets home to present him with this idea.

Sammie and Josh have ity bity bowls that would obviously not work for our potential new dog and I Love Sam and Josh's "cast-iron wired antiquey looking" styled dishes but when I started looking into fun ideas for dog dishes I found this.....
This Springs Goal: YARD SALES to find a pair of Childrens Vintage Chairs that Ralph will have to alter by adding two stainless steel bowls.

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