Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Contents of my Purse

            What’s in my Purse???

I had to do this post for a couple of reasons;

One: I’m nosey and I love to see what people Carry in their Purse...and I KNOW there are others like me ;) 

Two: People always ask “What’s in your Luggage??” I guess because I carry a BIG bag but Really with Nothing in it, as you will see.

*and it actually forced me to clean it out...in this photo you will not find the wrappers, trash and receipts! Which I really think is why it looked so FULL in the first place...
So Here it is…. The Contents of my Purse! 
A: my ipad which Ralph would kill me if he saw it thrown in my purse with no case on.
B:Sunglasses that will surely break not being in a case
C:Bottled Water...You will find these all over my house, closet and car! I LOVE H2O.
D:My Opi mini bag. Has the new winter colors from Opi, I paint my nails Everywhere.
E:A random clip and my wallet
F:Emergency Hair elastic, you never know when you will need to throw your hair up.
G:My keys and Vera change purse where I keep bank cards, money and things like that.
H:Power C Gummies!! I LOVE THESE, go buy them you will be hooked!
I:My chapstick
J:Cloth bag that I keep jewelry in that I take off during the day that I don't want to lose!
K: A quarter
L: Zone perfect Bar
M: Bath & Body Hand sanitizer
N: Lip Gloss
O: My phone
P: Dior hand lotion
Q: Awake, I don't drink Coffee or Soda so if I need a jump start I smell these essential oils. It's Grapefruit Peppermint blended with safflower oil. I also put a few drops in a rejuvenating mask when I give myself a facial. 

That was the Birds Eye view ;) 

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