Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Years Eve Tradition

Our Jar is already getting Full..... I forgot to tell you all about our NEW YEARS EVE Tradition. We keep a Glass Jar on a shelf in our Home with a pen, Paperclip with some scraps of paper attached to the side...All year Long we add little Notes if anything funny happens during our Day to Day life. On New Years Eve after Dinner as we are trying our very Best to stay awake (we are not Night Owls) We get the jar and read one by one funny events that have happened throughout the Year. 

I have Added Two this week...As we have finally opened the app "Photo Booth" on the ipad and took the most ridiculous pictures of each other...we were literally in tears laughing, as a matter of Fact I don't think I have ever seen Ralph laugh that hard in my life...and one from a few days ago when I heard a thud out side and saw Ralph on the ground (he had slipped on ice) He was OK but oh my gosh I was laughing for days...actually typing this now Laughing. I'm sure New Years Eve I will still be laughing. 

The Best part is....We don't tell each other when we add something to the Jar so its a surprise that night what the other one put it....Its so Funny to see all the stupid yet hysterical things that you do throughout the year. 

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