Saturday, January 14, 2012

Words With Friends

Words with Friends

After so much hype I finally joined the movement of “Words with Friends” I downloaded the App about a week ago and had no clue what I was doing typed in “ego” and waited with no response to a Random opponent. I opened the App yesterday for the first time since then and started one game which led to me starting 10-15 games with a random opponents and a few people I know…it’s 1pm the following day and all the games are STILL pending. I have officially renamed the game to “Words with Patience” which I Don’t have…especially when I have a good word that I can’t wait to use and the other player takes 12 hours to type the word “Ball”. 

I guess I’m new to this Game and maybe this is Common?? Is it supposed to be prolonged; I found a message from a random opponent that said, “hey going to bed will finish after lunch tomorrow.” TOMORROW when I have a 42 point word….Shoot me. So this Rant will end with…”What other games are out there that are fast paced that are fun and will end with a WINNER of say a 20 min period??” There has to be one out there?
 Happy Saturday
                                               Sarah with an H

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Sara said...

I am a very competitive person, i don't want to lose any games and i compete with my brother on this game but we play on pc we found a way to get this app and whatsapp pc

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