Thursday, January 19, 2012

Looking Back

I realized that I never really "officially" said Goodbye to 2011. Yes we celebrated and Yes we Kissed at midnight but we were exhausted. We had been moving for three days and it seemed to come and go rather quickly...The year 2011 seemed to FLY by although as I look at our STACKS of pictures I realized how many things we did do. A quick highlight reel of some Favorites;

1. Started  GeoCaching
2. Lived, Loved, Laughed....... ALOT!
3.  Went to our Secret spot Four Times Visit it HERE
4. Stayed at a Hotel for a week (not on Vacation!)
5. Walked New Nature Trails in our own Backyard
6. Somehow became a in-demand Baker out of my Home (Cupcakes)
7. Saw my first SHOOTING STAR
8. Started "Sarah with an H"
9. Watched my sweet puppy learn to walk again after major back surgery
10. Moved into a new House 
11. Celebrated our 6 year Anniversary
12. Learned to Knit…Sorta
13. Got my associate degree…less than 2 years to go.
14. Spent lots of wonderful quality time with my family and  friends 

Thank you 2011 for a wonderful year!

WELCOME: 2012 

To Do:
The List really is Never ending there is so much I want to Experience and Explore....Here's to a Great Year!

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