Monday, December 26, 2011


So I know it’s the Holiday’s and things are always busy during this time but for us it’s been CRAZY BUSY!! All good news of course…It’s been a huge waiting game but I think we finally found “The One.” The house that we will officially make a Home, I had what seemed to be a never ending checklist of what our future home had to have and every house Ralph and I have moved into we ended up hating (including the Lake House if you can believe it)!! Just to give you an idea of a few things on the list of “Must Haves” when we started looking for another house……

A Fireplace (I know Ralph can do ALL things, such as put in hardwood floors and new cabinets but I wanted the house to have a Fire Place!! Nothing is more Homey/Romantic to me than a fireplace.)

Hardwood Floors (Bonus for us they were just put in!!)

2 Bathrooms (This house has THREE!)

All stainless steel appliances (They are still in the plastic, brand new!!)

3 bedrooms 

A Jacuzzi style bathtub or enough room where one could be put in (I almost died when I walked into the master bedroom and what I thought was a walk in closet was a huge bathroom and a big Jacuzzi bathtub!!)

A pool (it does not have one but the back yard is a “dig Safe” zone so it’s not out of the question if and when we decided to put one in) 

Walk in closets in Master Bedroom

Newer built home no later than 1998

Basement that is refinished (this one is so close to being done that it won’t be a problem to finish. I want back half “home gym” large front to be a playroom and side corner (which will take some construction a Home Movie Theater) 

2 Car garage (this has one but its big enough for my car and Ralph’s Harley and that’s all we really care about.)

Deck (what a bonus we have a huge screened in Sun porch and a deck) 

Big Back yard fenced in (The back yard is huge/not fenced in but easy fix) 

Not a through street (dead end/culdesac)
Young neighbors (by that I mean our age or in the 27-37 year bracket, that are engaged/married with small children or planning to become pregnant. HAHA Ya I know it’s a lot to ask for but I love neighbors!! I had the best neighbors in our old house (not the lake house) I would bake for them, they would send their children over, we would bring each other gifts and had a good relationship. Even the older couple would leave us vegetables from his garden and I would bake them pies. They would always watch our home if we went away and vice versa. I LOVE that!! I love the “neighborhood” feeling. Unlike where we live now where it’s ALL OLD People, I actually think our neighbors hate us, no really if you drive over 7mph on the street they flag you down, they never even welcomed us to the neighborhood. 

In our new neighborhood, I’ve met the neighbor next to us which was a very nice married man with two children a boy (8) and girl (11) (Potential baby sitters hahaha) and the neighbors in front of us have a small baby about 8 months old, and I saw a woman and her husband walking their dog about Ralph’s and I’s age and she was pregnant. So it looks like a seemingly “young” neighborhood. What I love is when you first drive into our Neighborhood, The sky seems to open up and its very “Cookie Cutter”, Kinda like the movie Pleasantville and can I tell you I love love love that kind of neighborhood. Everyone waves when you drive by, nice cars in the driveways, yards are green and mowed and all the houses are decorated for the holiday. 

I Love our House, its brownish/beige vinyl siding with deep red shutters and deep red accents. Hopefully this is our final move in a long time!! But needless to say, I may be MIA for a brief period, as I will be Moving (pointing my finger) to where things go. Ralph and I decided to make things easy and Hire people to do the dirty work, we have cleaners going in the new and old house to clean and wash all windows, movers coming Friday, Deliveries spaced throughout the week. Although I have been at the house getting measurements and dropping off area rugs today after purchase, one less thing to move.  Oh and did I mention one of my Christmas gifts was a cherry wood Renaissance canopy bed we have a cali King Tempurpedic and have yet to purchase a proper frame as it was extremely difficult to find a bedroom set we liked that would fit our bed. I love Huge/Clunky furniture if you know was I mean, anything that looks “Fairytale” like, my style definitely varies but I Love elegant, magical and romantic pieces and don’t mind spending money on classic staples that will be a part of our Home for a very long time.  I ordered it a few weeks ago and won’t be here till the 7th long wait but well worth it. I can’t wait till it gets here!!! 

I hate moving to new towns, although a few perks of the town we are moving to are 1) There is a WHOLE FOODS!!! My favorite Grocery store ever! 2) Barnes and Noble/Starbucks!! 3) Ralph’s best friend T lives 3 minutes away and so does my Uncle & Auntie, so if Ralph goes plowing this year in the middle of the night during a snow storm I won’t be completely petrified! (I’m a Wicked whip, it’s actually kinda ridiculous.) It’s also just nice to know we have close friends and family a hop, skip and a jump away.  I know I will get use to our new town but I just wish my Mommy lived next door ;) We timed it today and it is 8 ½ minutes away from her house on the lake…. Not too bad, speeding just a little.

I can’t wait to give you all a glimpse of the inside of our Home...Maybe tomorrow I will snap a few pictures :o) 


Cyndielise said...

What town do you live in? It looks so pretty and quaint!!

Sarah Renee said...

Hi Cyndielise :o) I Live in New England, Love it here...So pretty. Even with all the Crazy unpredictable weather we get ;) I popped by your blog and I LOVE all the Baby Bump pictures, super cute and Great Idea!!

Cyndielise said...

That is so neat!! We are from the too-sunny-too-dry state of California, lol! We're looking to relocate now with our little one. It's not the place we want to raise our family. We're thinking more on Texas though! Just a matter of employment and home values.
Thanks for the compliment! I love having those pictures to look back on! I started the blog to keep my parents updated (travelers), and it's neat to be able to keep a log of life!
My little boy is already three months old! Time just flies!

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