Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cloud 7

How Cute are these Pillows.... During one of my many online searches for pillows for our sun porch swing I came across these...

C L O U D 7 is a new label offering fashionable, contemporary products and accessories for dogs and dog lovers. The lovingly designed, high quality products have been created to enhance and strengthen the relationship between humans and their beloved pets. The brand’s foundation and philosophy is based on the core principles of Eco Friendliness and Fair Trade.

Seriously how could I resist?!?! 

Check out their website Here!!

And we all Know Sammie P Loves his Pillows!!!

Update: Moving has been a slow process as Ralph and I have somehow both gotten sick (Colds). I cant remember the last time I had a Cold...Years, I never get Sick!! I know its because our Kitchen is packed up and I haven't eaten fruits and vegetables in weeks!! Fruits and Vegetables are seriously Miracle foods for your body.

*Happy Note: Our new house is Beautiful and we will be Officially sleeping there Saturday Night!!

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