Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Busy

 Hit PLAY! :o)
It’s been a crazy two weeks…I’m finishing up Finals (Year and a ½ to go!!), Ralph and I have been working like crazy, my cousin just had her baby 3 weeks early, we’ve been looking for a bigger house, my car for the last month has been a never ending light up show on the dash, but I will check off all four brakes on Saturday, and we are trying to get ready for the Holidays, shopping, holiday parties, baking, baking, baking and volunteering. It’s amazing how busy life can get sometimes…Although I think that’s what it’s all about, having something to look forward too. I have a knack for always seeing the good in things, take Saturday for example, all new brakes 500 dollar (estimate) bummer. Although Ralph will follow me to the shop and we will drop off my car….then head out to breakfast like we always use to do when we first started dating in Medway. Every Sunday morning we would head out to this little diner, talk and laugh. I especially loved the drive…Ralph would always take the back roads and we would hold hands. Its the little things.
After I'm hoping we will get some Christmas shopping done, then settle in for a nice quiet Saturday at Home. I’m conjuring up a special “Date Night” idea so stayed tuned. In the meantime Here’s ALL I want for Christmas this Year….. RALPH ;) After I wrote my extensive list of must have's I realized that none of them would make me as Happy as he would. 
                          Now for an early night Sleep....G'Night Y'all                    ~Sarah with an H

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