Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby Of The Month

Sarah with a H will be doing a new segment called BABY of The Month. Each Month you will meet an Adorable little baby. You will learn cute facts and get to see super cute pinch their cheeks kinda pictures. Enjoy!  
December’s BABY of The Month
Some of Ashlynn’s Hobbies include:
Hanging out at the Fire Station with her Fire Fighter Daddy

Ashlynn's Favorite thing to munch on is Goldfish!! 
In her free time you can find her in her pink car which she calls her " vroom vroom" most likely jammin’ out to the chipmunks soundtrack “Single Ladies”

Ashlynn LOVES her Big Sister

There will be 12 Baby’s posted this year after the 12th Baby of The Month is featured I will be putting all 12 Baby Names in a bowl for the Grand Prize Drawing. Which I will choose at Random LIVE Stream for all Momma’s to see!!! 

If you would like to have your baby featured or nominate a baby please contact me Via Facebook or e-mail me at

The Winning Baby of the Year Gift Basket will include the following:
$100 dollar Gift Card to Janie & can check out their website Here.
Chenille Confetti Love on the Go!™....You can check that out Here
Not to mention lots of other fun trinkets!! 

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