Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Carlie

Today as I ran around getting things done for the 1st New Years (yippee)...More to come on that Later ;) I made a pit stop at my Cousin's to Hug & Kiss Baby C. It's Amazing how small she really is....Pictures don't really do it justice, but just to give you an idea she is about the size of a DVD (yes a dvd!!) She was born 3 weeks early and I think we are all just overwhelmed with excitement that she is here for the Holiday's, which means a lot of running around to get "Baby's 1st" Stockings, ornaments and even presents!! Now it's time to get Ready.... 3 Holiday Parties in one night, should be exciting and exhausting all in one.... I LOVE THE HOLIDAY'S!! 

She's doing the "Bend and Snap"

Carlie's 1st Smile

 The Crib seems to swallow her up, she is such a peanut!! Enjoy the Holiday's Y'all :)

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