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Today at Whole Foods they had a Demonstration of a Juicer...I'm always hesitant to try new things but have been getting better. As the man handed me a little cup filled with sea green liquid I reluctantly swallowed it and to my surprise.... IT WAS AMAZING!! Now I need a JUICER. I'm trying to decide if its something that will just take up space on our kitchen counter or will we really use it in our household...After much research I think the answer is going to be YES! Check out some info I found......

Benefits of Juicing:

  • Faster absorption of nutrients, minerals (such as magnesium iron, calcium, potassium, and chromium), enzymes, and vitamins.  It takes minutes not hours for your body to absorb all of the goodness in your juice since the fibre is removed and turned into a dry pulp.  Yes, fibre is amazing for regulation but you should still be getting plenty of fibre from the rest of your foods and from your smoothies.  
  • Nutrient dense, no extra or added anything...just pure nutrition!
  • A great way to add more veggies into your diet.
  • A way to meet your fruit servings per day.
  • Allows your body to build the best cells possible! As your body constantly builds new cells, by giving your body this optimal awesome nutrition you are setting up your bod to build power cells!
  • Get tons of nutrients without feeling stuffed (fibre is removed from the fruits and vegetables).  Juicing does not make you full, therefore you can still have your breakfast (just wait about 30 minutes).
  • Energizing! Forget the coffee, you will feel instant energy in every cell throughout your hot bod. Get the same rush from your light feeling juice instead of from your heavy coffee.  Juice provides lasting and sustainable energy!
  • Beautifying! Anti-aging due to all of the antioxidants you are feeding your cells.  Notice the change in your glowing clear skin and lush shiny hair!
  • Detoxifying! Your liver will love all of this cleansing and work more efficiently and effectively to kick out unwanted toxins.
  • Alkalinizing! Helps to balance your body's pH level.  We know that inflammation and disease thrive in an acidic environment, so you can help to alkalinize your system by juicing.  
  • Versatile, never boring.  Add whatever you have, change it up depending on your tastes and what you have in your fridge.
  • Mother Nature medicine.
  • Regulates your system (even without the fibre).  Keep it flowing baby, juice in, toxins out!
Tips for Juicing:
  • Buy a juicer.  There are so many on the market that range in price.  You don't need an expensive one but often the cheaper ones have a ka-zillion tiny parts that have to be cleaned after each use and that may deter you from using it often. 
  • Use in season, local, fresh, and organic.  You don't want to be sending an immediate rush of pesticides to your cells do you?  I think not.  
  • 3:1 is a great ratio to use as a guideline.  That's 3 veggies to 1 fruit.  You want to keep the sugars low in your juice, even though they are natural, to prevent a spike in your blood-sugar level.  Also choose fruits low on the glycemic index
  • Greens Please!  Always add in leafy greens (kale, romaine, spinach, chard, turnip greens, etc.) for calcium, folate, and vitamins, and to alkalinize and beautify!
  • Double juice.  This means scoop out the pulp/fibre that was removed and run it through again to juice out any last drops.
  • Use leftover pulp to make soup stock, raw crackers, veggie patties, muffins, compost, etc.
  • Consume within 15-20 minutes.
  • Add herbs... add fresh mint, ginger, parsley, and cilantro.  Try adding one type of herb and remember a little goes a long way!  
  • Juice any time of day!
Feel energized, recharged, and vibrant with a fresh juice every day!  Use any combinations and let your body sing!  Below are some recipes to try, go on don't be scared.  Your taste buds will begin to change for the better once they taste real nutrition and real juice. Your bod will crave this goodness to feel clean and alive!

Juice Recipes:
GLOW GREEN JUICE::                            GREEN ENERGY JUICE::
-handful of kale                                    -2 handfuls of kale
-handful of spinach                               -3 stalks of celery
-bunch of romaine leaves                      -1 large carrot
-2 broccoli stems                                  -1 pear
-2 stalks of celery                                 -1 lemon
-1/2 cucumber                                      -fresh mint leaves
-1 pear or apple                                    -Juice,nourish,fuel.
-1 lemon
Juice, gulp, glow!

-1 beet
-1 large carrot
-1 bunch of romaine
-2-3 stalks of celery
-1 apple-1 lemon
-1 inch of ginger root
Juice, sip, zip!

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