Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fairy Tale Bed

Fairy Tale

The not so Fairy tale beginning started with a long {window} of delivery between 11-2pm (plus a 2 week wait period), two non-English speaking drivers trying to give them directions(several times) because our street did not show up on their GPS, a bed that was built crazy crooked by the two men who we could not understand and my two heroes Ralph & Tony for fixing it without breaking it! But just like the movies there is always “Something” that has to happen before the Magical ending……and this is it, MY FAIRY TALE BED.

I found myself going upstairs for everything tonight and secretly couldn’t wait to crawl into my Renaissance masterpiece of a bed which we are doing now….I have to admit I may be forcing Ralph to watch Romeo and Juliet or Tristan and Isolde Tonight, just seems fitting. Enjoy your weekend. 

 [[Picture 1]] Sammie loves to be in the middle of all the Action. [[Picture 2]] Rebuilding the bed after it was built, R & T are around 6'5" so you can really get an idea of just how big this bed really is. [[Picture 3]] Still fixing the bed, Sammie is helping. [[Picture 4]] Sam & Josh's new bed they got from Santa matches ours :o) You can check out the little reading nook, Here.

                                                       Click PLAY for a quick room tour.

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