Saturday, March 10, 2018

How to prevent bullying in schools

It's around the corner...I can feel it in the change of weather. Spring is on its way and summer will be a whirlwind of beaches and parks! Fall.... Fall will quickly creep up and I can feel the knot in my throat! Sophia my little will be starting school...I think. We missed the cut off for kindergarten but preschool is in the works. It makes me hope that schools are taking the best approach to bullying. I've done my research and one thing I know (being a teacher myself) is that the best approach is HANDS ON! Students need to engage in bullying activities rather than listen to someone speak in an auditorium for thirty minutes and head back to class. One of the most unique approaches I have come across was the Anti-bullying classes with Snapology! They break it up into three sections, the bully, the victim and the bystander. Making it relevant to the students!

I know Sophia is young, although it is surprising how young the bullying situations start! My heart hurts thinking that Sophia could potentially be hurt in a situation like that. As a mama bear I've taught and will continue to teach her to the best of my knowledge. My go to website for information on bullying is Stop Bullying. Gov! So informative, and a great article on how important it is for not only students but teachers and parents to be informed!

Right now I will continue to advocate for anti-bullying to be on the forefront of all schools. I will stand by other momma's like Tomi from Three Boys and an Old Lady who says, "We must empower our children and teach them conflict management.  We must teach our kids to respect others.  We as adults must teach our kids to protect themselves."   This life wont be perfect, but I want to make sure my child knows what to do in any situation that is thrown at her. I will do my best and continue to focus on outlets that will lift my child up and raise awareness! Now if we could just get a Snapology to open up around here I'd be one HAPPY Momma!!!!

If you are looking for more information on bullying and how to prevent it in your schools, hop over to The Educator's Room! A great resource for all!!

There are some AMAZING teachers and parents out there... I know everyone wants the best for their kids and students. Let's make sure we are giving them THE BEST!
 I want to hear from you... Help a momma out! How did you prepare your kids for school? How did you approach bullying? Leave your comments below! I will also be posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google... Check it out, connect with other parents! In the mean time... My free spirit ready to take on the day... This is FOUR people!!!

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