Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hula Hoop Chandelier

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Today was such a Nice day!!!! It was the Perfect Sunday....Sunny and Warm. I did some yard work, Ralph did a few things around the house and washed his Truck & Harley. I spent most of my day tackling another room in our new house....The Sun Porch! I'm so excited to have finished this room...the weather is getting soooo Nice! The ceiling needs to be finished but for the most part it is done...I went to Pier One and bought the most adorable Summer dishes, The Cutest flower Napkin holders...Lowes had an Amazing Palm Tree that I had to have!! I also made a Hula Hoop Chandelier...I was so Excited to make this... I wanted my Sun Porch to have "Romantic" Lighting... The setting is "Romantic" out there to begin with....There is all woods in my backyard, crickets and birds singing....The Sunsets behind the house and the Breeze blows right through the whole area.

The Hula Hoop Project:

I went to the Dollar Store and bought a Hula Hoop for a $1 then I went to AC Moore to get some Romantic Lace that I would cover the hula hoop in and also to use as the hanging pieces.... The Three rolls of Lace were also a $1!!! SCORE! I had "icicle" white lights in a Christmas Bin in the basement so I pulled those out and also my Hot Glue gun....Wrapped the lights around the hula hoop and covered up the purple and pink hula hoop with the lace! Hung it and Wholla!!! A Magical Romantic Super Cute "Hula Hoop" Chandelier!!! YIPPEEEE

Here are some More Pictures of our Sunday.....

Little Breakfast Pun Marble Table...Samuel really Loves this Room. Happy we can start using it...a few more rooms to decorate...Next weekend I'm tackling the "Office" I have a few ideas in mind...I'm thinking deep purples...Hmmmm
I Bought Ralph a "Birthday" Pillow....see it on the Swing!! Home Goods has the BEST stuff....I think I may have been a little more excited about the Pillow than Ralph :o)
TV will eventually by mounted in the Corner... I've been getting several inquires about the Rug...Yes- I bought it Today...Home Goods! I really wanted the Sun Porch to be a room that we utilizes often... I was in there all afternoon!! It is so Cozy!! Tomorrow night will be our first "Dinner" Night eating out on the Sun Porch...Tonight we almost did but I still have a few things I want to do to the room. ;o)

For more House Pictures check out our Nest ...... HERE :o)

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