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HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!! I know I said I was officially in summer mode but every once in a while during these amazing summer months I come across AMAZING companies that I just have to spread the word! One of those companies being GreaterSkies! I'm sure you all have seen some sort of variation of these but for those of you who haven't be will go nuts! 
I have been decluttering our home the past year and trying to become organized. On my mission to do so I thought I would create a command center for both girls (more so for the coming years when they are in school) but thought if we started the habit now it will be smooth running come the elementary years! Sophia and Arabella both have a section in the garage which will harbor their book bag, lunch bag, umbrella, rainboots, sneakers, rainboots, sandals and three coats heavy, light and rain! Everything else I donated!! We had way to much stuff! Now that I had a plan I wanted to hang something meaningful above their space...Something just for them, a keepsake that they will eventually take with them when they leave the nest! When I had the opportunity to work with GreaterSkies I knew this was IT! The most amazing piece of artwork I could have ever dreamed of... a custom star map of the sky the exact moment each girl was born!!! I kid you not, these are precise! I was able to add a personalized message on each custom print! The sizes all vary and you can even have them framed! 

 When I received them I was truly blown away by the quality....not to mention the quick turn around time! When ordering from companies you may have questions or concerns, GreaterSkies hands down has the BEST customer services I have ever worked with! Friendly, personable and professional! I had filled in my custom it over and over and over again. Sent it off and received a message that there was an extra space in the wording! I kid you not, they picked up on my flaw! 
I can tell you I'm officially done buying gifts for people that are things that get forgotten or not used. These keep sakes will bring tears to some, think the birth of a baby, wedding gift, the day your life changed for the better...any moment can be captured in the sky! I love that they do all the leg work for you too... you can send the perfect gift with a personalized message! I am a HUGE FAN of GREATERSKIES!!! You all have to go check them out HERE!!! 
Star nap poster in chocolate
A few words from the masterminds, 
"At GreaterSkies, we work everyday to bring you the Stars as a Gift. Since 2006, we have been creating beautiful custom star maps for everyone looking for a personal thoughtful gift to celebrate a cherished memory.

When you receive a GreaterSkies star map, you are looking at the sky exactly as it was over a special place, at a special date and time."

What your custom star maps shows

Depending on the date that was chosen, your sky map will show the past or the future. In all cases, you will see:

  • All the stars that could be seen in the sky, or will be seen in the sky, over that place at that time. Well, in fact, the map shows 7,000 to 8,000 stars, depending on the coordinates, much more than can be seen by the naked eye. You may notice that then star colours vary: this is not just to look nice. The colour matches the light emitted by the star.
  • The Sun, the Moon and all the Solar system planets that were or will be visible. All of them are precisely located around the ecliptic, represented by the green line.
  • The constellations, if that option was turned on when the map was created. Some customers prefer a clean sky, so we leave this choice to each person.
  • The exact coordinates our program used to generate the map: latitude and longitude, date and time.
  • A personal message may appear below the sky map, typed in by the person who ordered it.

The stars as a gift

"Our personalized star maps are available as downloadable files, for those who prefer to have them printed close to home or have very creative ideas of how to use them.

We also ship sky maps printed on beautiful paper, in high definition.

We hope that your personalized star map will remain for a long time a beautiful memory of a cherished moment of your life.

Best wishes,

The GreaterSkies Team"
Custom star map poster by Greateskies in artic blue with cat
Incase you want more information ...More from GreaterSkies!!!

Why choose a GreaterSkies starry sky gift?

 If you want your night sky to show not just a few stars but a stunning starry sky. To see the stars and constellations as they truly were at the precise moment in time. Your starry sky printed on high quality materials with colours that will last for a long time. To make sure you get the right map and get help if anything happens. Then a GreaterSkies sky map is for you.

 A stunningly beautiful and accurate starry sky!!

 Why thousands of stars make all the difference...

GreaterSkies custom star maps remain unmatched for accuracy and level of detail. Unlike some other star charts that only show major stars, our maps show 7,000 to 8,000 stars, the constellations and the Solar System planets. At any time of day or night, for past or future dates, anywhere on earth. All the stars up to magnitude 7 that were visible in the sky at that moment in time above that precise location are plotted. Every tiny dot in your map corresponds to a star that was actually there. This is actually more stars than are visible to the naked eye, even on a clear night, with no light pollution. The Solar system planets, the Moon and the Sun are also shown. When customizing your map, you can choose to display or not the constellations with their names and the main star names.
Choose your custom star map color night blue

Star colours and size reflect what we see in the night sky

 The colour of the stars on our star chart is not random, or chosen just to look nice: it is based on each star actual colour. Likewise, the stars are shown in a size corresponding to their magnitude. Sure, it would be easier to paint all the stars as white dots, as others do. But we want to give you the best. The result? A stunningly beautiful starry sky. Because scientific accuracy and level of detail make a real difference. Take a look at the samples, explore and zoom in.

The night sky AND the day sky: why exact time matters

 GreaterSkies custom star charts are the only ones precise down to the minute. It takes a lot of extra computation to calculate this. So why do it? Because the position of the stars in the sky over a given place changes during the course of a 24h day. So the star chart at noon and at midnight over your wedding location look very different! We want your custom map to show the sky as it really was (even it was daylight and the stars were not visible) rather than showing the night sky at an arbitrary time. If you don’t know the exact time when customizing your map, don’t worry, you can pick an approximate time, and you star map will still be pretty accurate. The difference really shows after a few hours. The positions are accurate for dates between 1900 and 2100; we are still working on the extra computation necessary to generate accurate star charts beyond these dates. We feel you ought to know.
Greaterskies star map posters and framed prints in colors and sizes star nap
The names of the constellations and all the major stars,

GreaterSkies sky maps show the names of all the constellations and the major stars. This is again a feature that is often missing, because placing the names in the correct place takes quite a bit of calculation. But we feel it’s important, what’s the ;point go showing constellation lines without naming them? And this way, you can use our sky maps for stargazing as true astronomical charts, the information is all there.

 High quality, made in the USA or Europe

When you offer a thoughtful gift for a special occasion, you want it to look really nice. So we make sure to use high quality materials for all our products. Everything is printed in California or in the UK, depending to where we are shipping.

wedding gift for her custom sky map

The possibilities are endless!!! Go check them out HERE, Don't forget you can find them on FACEBOOK, PINTERST, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM
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