Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life with So

 Sorry all...I've been a total baby hog!!! Oh and this baby has put me through the ringer!!
 So I've been busy recovering- everything from vision loss to organ loss! Yes I said it, organ loss. 
Although who needs a gall bladder anyway?!?! Other than a few hiccups she was worth every bit of 
bodily torture. Oh and my hubs, he is a superstar and really is the most amazing man ever. 
Not that I ever doubted that he would step up, but boy does that man deserve a trophy!
 I don't think it's physically possible to love another human being the way I love him
 and our 13 pound spicy monkey whom we call SO. 
          Our little Sophia has set our rather boring existence on fire. We love it! I think we always had it in us, this whole parenting gene, we embrace it whole heartedly. I think if we could both be stay at home parents we would. Ralph recently took another week off of work when I had my surgery and I legit ugly cried when he went back. You would have thought the world was ending, I just love being home with him, our girl and two crazy puppy's!

Life with So:

               Is surreal, sometimes I still can't believe she is mine! I really can't even wrap my brain around the fact that in a few days she will be three months! Our days start off with, me waking her up. Yes, I HAVE TO WAKE UP MY NEW BABY!! God has blessed me with a sleeper. Like a teenage sleeper that would sleep the day away if I let her. I usually let her sleep until 9:30-10. We get up, I change her diaper then I put her in her bouncy chair and I take the dogs out/feed them breakfast. Then I nurse Sophia, that girl loves MILK! Or let's just face the facts; my boobs!!! Can babies have an "addiction" if so, that is one. And she is not so discrete with it either, God forbid I put a light blanket or covering over her when friends/family are over or we are out at a store. My little breast feeding activist throws a fit, she wants the whole world to know what she is up too, and likes to look around smiling while doing so. I either have to learn to embrace my strong willed child or never leave the house. I've learned to embrace! 

               The rest of the day is pretty much an adventure; we don't really have a structured day because she is not on a routine yet, “Time Wise.” Although I have to admit the teacher in me is dying for a “Time” routine. We do our fair share of "circle time" where I sing her songs, read books, do shapes and even puppet shows (with dog toys, HA!) my little sponge is soaking it all in, and by her facial expressions, usually huge grins, I can tell she is enjoying it. Ralph and I started reading to her since the day she came home for the hospital!! Never to early, I think. Between teaching, tummy time, a few cat naps here and there, and cuddling/ nursing/changing. I pretty much have no "time" the days seem to really fly by… I do manage to pick up the house and have dinner going. And with an infant those oh so fancy meals I used to "whip up" sometimes consist of baked chicken, rice and carrots three days straight or better yet take out from longhorn steak house, what can I say, raising a baby is hard work!

               When Ralph gets home he usually takes the dogs for a much needed long walk, showers and plays/cuddles his little baby girl until dinner. We eat, So eats, dogs eat, they go out for a walk again and the we all head upstairs at around 6:30-7 for bedtime. Ralph turns on the heat fans in the master bathroom and I pick out Jammie's for the baby. When the bathroom is wicked toasty I fill up the Jacuzzi tub with warm water and bubbles. Favorite part of the day, "Mommy and Me Bubble Baths" Sophia, as much as she looks like Ralph, totally has MY Personality, girl loves to be pampered. We hop in and I have lullaby station on pandora playing and we RELAX. I bought her a fun chair that she likes to sit in and we both just soak in this quiet moment together. When the bubbles disappear I do this little skit, where I line up her three rubber ducky’s and drop them in the water one by one off the edge of the tub, and she smiles so big while letting out little cooing noises, sometimes little squeals of joy that sound like a high pitched scream. We are still waiting for that first belly laugh! I debated sharing this picture with the world but after analyzing it to make sure nothing is really showing, I just had to. This picture makes my heart smile, My little piece of Heaven. I just love it so…

         After tubs it's mini massages with lotion and cozy Jammie's. We all get in bed, and watch some of our favorite shows. Last night was a good night, season premiere of American idol and Duck Dynasty!! Little Laky Lu (another nick name we have for our Sophia) sleeps peacefully in the middle, thankful we have a Cali King! We might try her crib in the future but for right now we want her with us. She sleeps through the whole night now too. I’m happy that I was able to catch up with you all, on to my next project for the day…Getting ready for FEBUARY, Valentine’s Day and our NINE year anniversary! 

Here is some Baby Spam...of our Little Sophia Lakynn!!! Oh and in case your wondering her middle name is pronounced LAKE (like as in a lake you swim in) and IN  (Lake-In) LAKYNN and its super Rad ;) Her Momma thinks so...

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