Saturday, February 23, 2013

Y'all ROCK

I’ve been receiving the funniest pictures of the “Hula Hoop Chandelier” You guys are a riot…Some made some Beautiful renditions and one VERY impressive 14 year old girl made a “Halloween Hula Hoop Chandelier” You guys ROCK! Thank you for giving my DIY Craft a shot…They look stunning out on your decks and at two wicked cute country weddings! Who would have thought trying to come up with a quick easy fix to my sun porch would spread like wildfire and land cover story on Fox News…

In awe to see my project on wedding sites next to the likes of Martha Stewart! 

I also thought it was hysterical to see on Craft Fail:
 Thank You guys for being So Super Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blood Water Mission

I’m tapped out!!! Water that is… I’m on day 7 of drinking Tap water! I’m doing the Blood Water Mission! What?!? you may be asking, is a “Blood Water Mission” aka 40 DAYS OF WATER... Its 40 days of drinking water (which is SUPER easy for me because that is all I drink) BUT I will not purchase and or drink any bottled water…The Catch, I’m keeping track of all the money I would have spent on bottled/filtered water and helping to build clean water projects for communities in Uganda!! So easy, at the end of the week I tally up what I would have spent on bottled water and send a check to Blood Water Mission. **Confession: I’m so bad with “mailing” things I think next week I will just pay online. SIMPLE! So for those of you that are trying to break a soda or coffee habit this may be right up your ally!! I’ll add the rules below and it’s not too late to join! With my busy/crazy and super hectic schedule this was SO easy to fit into my everyday life! One little change and I’m making a difference in other people’s lives, Groovy! I hope you all will jump on board!!

Register & Create Your Profile Page
We’ve put together this handy website for you to:
  • Create your unique profile page (click Register in the upper-right of the screen)
  • Track your progress
  • Share your experience with friends
  • Follow along with the 40 Days of Water Journal
  • Donate your savings every Sunday (or Feast Day) throughout the campaign
  • See how much money has gone towards clean water projects in Uganda!
Give Up Beverages
To be clear: we’re not asking you to fast for Forty days. We’re just asking you to ditch the morning coffee and o.j., leave out the lunchtime soda, and cancel the evening beverage in lieu of clean water from the tap. By sacrificing your daily routine, you will make a difference in the daily routine of a person in Africa.
It’s a big commitment to not drink anything but water for Forty days. But from February 13th to March 30th, that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do. It’s a lot easier if you do it with other people like your friends or family. Remember, Sundays are feast days! You get to enjoy your favorite beverages one day out of the week, which will remind you just how much you miss them the other 6 days.
Be sure to visit the webstore to order a new Blood:Water bottle to remind you to head to the tap!
By giving up what you’d normally drink in exchange for the water from your tap you can save that money to help build clean water projects for communities in Uganda!
Donate Your Savings for Clean Water in Uganda
Every Sunday (or Feast Day), your donations can be handled online by clicking Donate on the Forty Days website, or you can send a check to:
Blood:Water Mission
c/o “40 DAYS”
P.O.Box 60381
Nashville, TN 37206

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard NEMO

So much to say about Blizzard NEMO that hit us all day Yesterday, but I'm Beat! I will share a little Picture from today....I built a HUGE NEMO from the Finding Nemo Movie, and I dressed Sammie up as a Blowfish HAHAHAHAHA 

I made the color by filling up one water bottle with two tubes of orange food coloring and 3 cups of cold water and the same for the Black in another water bottle!! Works soooo well!!! Hope you all stayed safe from the Blizzard and are enjoying the snow!!! We sure are!! :o)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Coming Home

             He is HOME! 

Its been a long day without My Love at home....we are having BLIZZARD NEMO here in New England! Honestly.... It's been super fun, but I wanted him home so badly. Lifetime Movies, Scrapbooking and "putting" around the house consumed my first day snowed in. Now that Ralph is back home I can finally relax (It's Dangerous out there!) He is in the shower and I'm "patiently" waiting. I have an Amazing breakfast planned for our morning...then we will go play in the snow with our pups. Homemade Beef Stew in the Crockpot and Pecan Brownies for our SNOWED IN Saturday Date Night!

This was the best sight all night....
                   Seeing the plow truck creep down the blizzardy street......
Can you see him in all that mess.................................

      He is My Wonderful Thing!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Game Day & Martha Stewart

Ok- So I never got around to posting my Game Day Appetizers…But Martha Stewart did… My Chocolate Covered “Football” Strawberries were pinned by Martha Stewart Living and then Made Superbowl Game Day Appetizer {photo} recipe of the week on The Women’s Eye on SuperBowl Sunday!!! I know…I can’t even take it, So most of you know my obsession with Martha Stewart.  To see Martha Stewart then Sarah with an H right below linked together had me in a full blown "Christmas Morning” Frenzy of Excitement! Most of you have seen the DIY Glitter Heels, Hula Hoop Chandelier and Glitter nails using with Martha Stewart supplies…but mostly if not ALL of my supplies…even down to my dog beds and dog toys are embellished with her name. I LOVE MARTHA STEWART.  I find it comical when people ask what are your dreams, and my immediate answer is “To be on the Martha Stewart Show!” or who would you most like to meet, as people follow with Gondi, the President of the United States, or some other high ranker and I gleam with “Martha Stewart!” 

I did cook last night for the game…I kept it simple, Chicken Wings, Couscous dish with veggies and a simple sundae. Perfect for Game Night! I have to admit that I ended up in the Jacuzzi tub watching Netflix movies while the Game/ Screaming loomed in the background. 
Tonight Ralph and I decided we would relax with a movie and stir fry....It's funny how we are finally settling down from the weekend events on a Monday! Breathing a sigh of relief that our TV will be sports free this weekend (I think)! 
                                             HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Still Here...

Ahhhhh YES I'm still here and well! Thank you for all the emails... I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while its been a CRAZY 3 weeks. I will start by saying I'm OK but while stopped at a red light I was hit by a speeding van who was TEXTING most likely. My car was totaled and I was taken by ambulance to the ER. After many X-rays I am now on crutches with a sprained knee and seeing a specialist for ligament/tissue issues on my left shoulder under my rotary UGH! Not fun to say the least....the burns and bruises from the airbag are slowly starting to fade, the whiplash and full body ache lingers....I'm hoping with time, all will heal. 

Seeing my car still gives me the shakes...I have to be honest my anxiety on and off the road has been through the roof. This was my first accident ever...figures it wasn't just a little fender bender...being slammed at a dead stop by a van going 50+ mph sucks! But during all the chaos it was sooooo AMAZING to sign on my blog and see that so many readers were stopping by and sending me messages of concern. It was actually overwhelming and made me cry... y'all Rock!!! I remember the days when I use to squeal about getting 200 visitors a day on my blog, looking at my daily blog lovers baffles me now, I seriously love you all....

This excites me beyond belief.... 7,000 visitors a day, everyday. someone pinch me. It is always fun seeing different countries pop up daily and having fans send me little trinkets from around the world, thanks Micheli!!!!! I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things...but starting 1st grade at a new school, recovering and finding a new car seem all to overwhelming. And I so want to make a homemade chalkboard for our living room, so I may hop in my rental and see if I can find something thrifty to make it out of! Thank you for the continued support and I will be sure to keep you all updated. I may do a post tonight on Super Bowl food/decorations.... Secretly (now publicly) can't wait till football ends ;) totally not a fan but my Love is OBSESSED, so I will continue to support him as he does me! Love you babe! (He sometimes reads while he's at work) shhhhh don't tell his buddies ;) HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!!

*Happy that alot of you found me over on PINTEREST :o) 
I'm also on Instagram... you can find me at Sarahreneev   I closed down the FB many social media sites to run and not really on there anymore :o) You can also follow by subscribing to the right! :o) 

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