Thursday, March 24, 2016


Ok Guys... I have a new LOVE!!! And it is Photo books by NOWVEL!!!! Only the most genius app and company around!!! Perfect for keepsakes and the convenience is unreal!!

Hear what the peeps at Nowvel have to say,

"Nowvel is the latest project from the team that’s been behind companies like Tiny Prints and For almost 15 years, our companies have been connecting families, friends and other loved ones through gifts, photos and personalized products.

At Nowvel, started in spring 2015, we are on a mission to change everything about photo books. Photo books are wonderful but traditionally take hours to make with a painful learning curve.

We capture more and more of our photos on our iPhones and digital cameras, and they go on to live in places like your computer, iDevice, Facebook and Instagram. So we’ve built a web and an iPhone app to use the photos where they live with a simple experience that makes photo book making automatic, easy and enjoyable.

Oh, and we also think photo books should be modernized, use the latest technology in paper (lay flat, stiff paper stock) AND be affordable so everyone has access to print their best photos to relive over and over versus seeing them disappear into the digital heap of photos on our phones and computers.

Nowvel differentiates from other software also by automatically analyzing your photos to group the ones that belong together, pick the best ones and automatically turn them into collages and photo books that you can enjoy without lifting a finger. Print them as is in seconds or use our powerful yet simple editing tools to make them more perfect in minutes!"

Amazing Photo Book Quality

20 pages of stiff, lay flat, eco-friendly certified paper stock that opens to an 8”x8” square, perfect for printing Instagram and I'm serious the quality is OUTSTANDING!!! I've reviewed photo book from other companies and there has yet been one to compare to Nowvel! This is the first photo book that I can hand over to by two year old and let her enjoy without worrying she is going to destroy it! I love that it lays flat and it is so thick you don't have to worry that the pages will rip!

I decided to do a book featuring Sophia's 2nd Birthday Paint Party!! It is so adorable and I love that I was able to get ideas from other peoples books that they feature! For those that would like one built for them Nowvel will give you premade books based on your pictures... I LOVE them all!! I can't wait to get our family photo book library started! Here is what our book looks like...

The price speaks for itself, no shipping and $20 for a high quality photobook... The icing on the cake... you will probably never pay the full amount! This company is awesome with perks!!! I LOVE my Nowvel Coins!!! What are Nowvel Coins... Nowvel Coins are virtual currency you can earn using their iOS app for purchase in the app by sharing your photobooks digitally via Facebook or referring friends to use Nowvel along with other Settings activity you can find in the Menu.

Each Coin is worth US$1 off a printed photobook, so collect as many as you can and enjoy your photobooks at big discount or even FREE! I have even received coins just because!! Check your emails from Nowvel and you may get surprise coins in your bank!

The best part...You Can Share you book with friends and family!! This was awesome for us as we have a lot out of state!! It is so simple to do...

"When you’re done creating your work of art, tap on share or video to view the animated version of your book that will serve as the preview image when you share. Then tap on the share option you would like so friends and family can enjoy your work – and now, your loved ones will be able to purchase your book for their own collection!"

I really can't say enough about this company THEY ARE AMAZING!!! You really have to give them a try, it is easy, convenient, and ships soooo FAST!!! Currently, they print and ship in 2-3 business days. So if you place your order on a Sunday, expect the books to ship on Tuesday or Wednesday. Yes, I'm not kidding!!

Go check out NOWVEL HERE!!! You can also visit them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!!!

If Nowvel couldn't get any more amazing...They Do!!! They are giving one of my lucky readers a FREE Photobook!!!! Enter the Rafflecopter below and a winner will be chosen at random on April 1st!!!

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