Wednesday, May 31, 2023

My New Obsession: Gold Rings

                             Happy Spring!! 

I have this obsession with gold rings lately, tell me I’m not the only one?! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ones for spring and summer.  I love that gold rings can dress up any outfit.  I’ll share my latest outfit details and my two new additions, I’ve been loving!! My absolute favorite gold rings are by Aurate… these are my everyday wears because they are so durable and affordable! The quality is top notch, and the designs are always contemporary and modern styles! No lie, I could go nuts on their website… truly stunning works of art! 

I love to mix and match designs and I’m big on golds and silvers together! I’ve styled these two pieces so many ways with my wedding rings! Which is a classic engagement ring featuring two brilliantly round diamonds precisely cut to frame a stunning center stone it truly pairs with everything! For my additions I chose the Crossover and Skinny Love Me Knot gold rings!! 

My classic jean jacket was paired with a flowy floral print dress and oversized two toned floppy sun hat. My new stunning gold rings from New York's, Aurate was the perfect accessory for this spring outfit in the tulip farms. 

If you want to create the ideal at home jewelry collection you need quality jewelry that will withstand everyday wear!! My top two are Tiffany & Co. and Aurate New York.  I also can’t rule out rings from Monica Vinader as there are a few that caught my eye!  Though nothing surpasses my crossover and skinny love me knot additions! They are lightweight and just incredibly classy! 

Here is the latest from Aurate! I’ve put them on my husbands radar… Maybe an “I survived the school year” reward. As a busy mom of two, I have been in the car constantly with school activities & sports! 

gold rings

You can also easily pair gold rings with a cute romper or even dress up a pair of cut off jean shorts and a tucked in tank!! I’m planning on pairing my new duo for a date night with my husband on Saturday! Now that the kids are older we can head out for an evening without feeling like we are rushed (even though we tend to rush or just bring the kids along 🤣) I know we need some alone time, but these babes are growing up SO FAST and we don’t want to miss a thing! 

gold rings

What are some of your favorite gold rings!?! Have you hopped on the stacking ring trend!?! Show me in the comments, I love seeing what you ladies are rocking!!! 

Enjoy your spring y’all! & Stay tuned for my Beach Must Haves!!!! 



Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Hop into Spring with Kelestic On the Go Pharmacy

We are in full swing of end of the year school events, spring sports, school activities and travel!! I’ve noticed that having extreme organization at home and in my car make for such a smooth transition from school, home, softball/soccer fields and vacations. There are several “must haves” on my list but Kelestic On the Go Pharmacy is right at the top!!! Between seasonal allergies, Sophia’s sensitive skin and need for Benadryl if she is bitten by any bug or just the “go go go” headache, I’m able to have my entire medicine cabinet with me at all times!!! I also love being able to help out a fellow parent if they are in need of something at a game or the park! Life is BUSY and no one wants to suffer at the ball field when allergies kick up or a headache comes on! 

This small container system is the ultimate organizational tool!!! Once purchased they will email you mini labels you can use for a custom box… or follow the sizing chart to make custom labels for prescription pills! On the flaps that flip up I also penciled in anything I needed to know such as dosage and expiration dates. I’m telling you all to RUN and get this container!!! Perfect for travel too!! The quality is top notch durable plastic and all 10 compartments are very secure.  The sizing is what got me… Size: 2.4" x 3.7" x 1.18"!!! Fill it up and toss in your purse, center console in your car or even your pocket! 

You will have your own personal mini on the go pharmacy at your disposal! The convenience alone is worth it… imagine the space ten pill bottles and medication packaged boxes would take up if you were to travel with it all!? This is the ultimate solution to fit anyone’s lifestyle! 

I’m also a sucker for all things “mini” and the tiny little labels are just too cute!!!! Kelestic On the Go Pharmacy is having a big sale right now!! You can go HERE to purchase now!!! They also have different colors!!! Happy Shopping!! Stay tuned for more must haves!! And thank you to my awesome followers as we are about to hit the 4 million mark! You all ROCK!! 



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