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Best Convertible Car Seats of 2014

We are so lucky to have some pretty awesome people that guest post on Sarah with an H! This week I'd like to share the Best Convertible car seats on the market brought to you by Kaitlyn R . top researchers over at Choose Car Seat! The timing couldn't be more perfect, we are officially moving on up to a Convertible Car Seat this week. This line up became a life saver for Ralph and I! It really is overwhelming to choose, and you really do need to choose a seat that will work best for your family and the safest for your child! Without further adieu.....

Best Convertible Car Seats Of 2014
Trying to find the best car seat for your little one, but stumped? Don’t give up! We know car seat buying can be one of the most daunting tasks, but it can also be very rewarding! It’s extremely important to take the time up front and do as much research as possible. This will prevent any unnecessary headaches down the road. Remember – we’re talking about the safety of your child here! Don’t try and cut corners. Don’t buy on impulse. Don’t jeopardize safety for cost. These are big no-no’s.
Did you know that unintentional injury is one of the leading causes of death in infants? Statistics show that more children die in automobile crashes than in any other kind of unintentional injury. The good news is that you can safeguard your kids by taking simple safety measures. The best form of protection you can give your child while travelling is to use a child safety car seat
These seats minimize the risk of a potential fatal injury significantly. Sadly, many parents use various child safety seats incorrectly. You have to keep in mind that the most expensive car seat is not always the best. You need to focus on the one that best fits your child’s size, weight, age, and your vehicle. With that in mind, here is a list of the top 11 best convertible car seats in 2014:
Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat

This car seat is suitable for protecting rear-facing infants weighing between 4 to 40 pounds. You can also use it to harness forward-facing toddlers of between 20 to 65 pounds. It has been crash tested rigorously to exceed US safety standards. It also has a LATCH system for easy installation. The Size4Me 65 is a sub $200 convertible car seat and can be purchased for around $179 from most retailers.
Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat

The Marathon G4 is a 4th generation convertible car seat from Britax. It uses SafeCell technology, which is designed to compress in a crash and lower the center of gravity substantially. This will help counter the forward rotation of a child seat. It also has a harness ultra-guard system to offer resistance against forward movement in case there is a crash and deep side walls for side impact protection. The price tag on this convertible car seat is a bit steeper than most, coming in at the low to mid $200’s.
Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

This is one of the most affordable convertible car seats, costing only $75 at most retailers. Made with 100% polyester, the Evenflo Tribute LX has been rigorously side impact tested and exceeds all applicable federal safety standards. It offers great structural integrity and has multiple shoulder harness positions for a better fit. It is also known for its light-weight appeal (only 11.6 pounds!). 
Britax Roundabout G4 Convertible Car Seat

Like the Britax Marathon, the Roundabout G4 also features SafeCell technology. It has steel bars to strengthen the connection to your vehicle and resist the forward flexing of the car seat in the event of a crash. It has deep side walls lined with EPP foam to absorb as much energy as possible during a crash, and shield from vehicle intrusion. In comparison to the Marathon, this convertible car seat will put you back around $140.
Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat

The My Ride 65 LX is a 2-in-1 convertible child safety seat with ample safety features and comfort. It is suitable for rear-facing infants between 5 to 40 pounds, and forward-facing children between 20 to 65 pounds. It is LATCH equipped with front adjustable 5-point harness to make installation and use easy. You can find this reasonably priced car seat for around $120 online.
Evenflo Symphony DLX Convertible Car Seat

It uses superior e3 side impact protection to lower the side impact forces significantly. Its infinite side harness makes for an easy and accurate fit each time. It has a multi-position upfront recline for extra child comfort when asleep or awake and also sports dual, integrated cups for quick access to drinks. Cost of the Symphony DLX is around the $185 marker.
Britax Boulevard 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat

It’s one of the most expensive car seats out there. It features SafeCell technology, offers significant side impact protection while containing and keeping the head and body aligned, and has integrated steel bars for strengthened connection to the car (helps minimize forward flexing of the seat in a crash). The Boulevard 70-G3’s cost about $250 from most retailers online.
Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat

It’s made of 100% polyester, and very affordable. It has been designed and tested for structural integrity at levels of energy two times the federal crash test standard. It has also been side tested, and offers multiple shoulder harness positions for an accurate fit and longer use.
Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat

It’s another one of the most costly convertible car seats available but also one of the safest. It is both a convertible and booster seat, featuring a full steel frame. It supports rear-facing infants from 5-45 pounds, and front-facing toddlers from 20-80 pounds, and up to 57 inches. It has adjustable headrest and infant body cushions for extra comfort. Right now, this car seat is going for a little over $300, but can be found cheaper at certain online retailers!
Britax Advocate G4 Convertible Car Seat

The Britax Advocate G4 features SafeCell technology, harness ultra-guard system, and side impact cushion technology. It reduces the side impact crash up to 45% by directing the crash forces away from your infant, and offers a level of safety for the adjustment passenger as well. This car seat is very price, coming in at over $300.
Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat

It offers protection for rear-facing infants between 9-40 pounds, and forward-facing between 22-70 pounds. It has a revolutionary air protect side impact technology and Flextech construction system for superior crash energy management.

Unlike infant seats, convertible car seats offer parents the advantage of both rear-facing and forward-facing positions. You can use these seats to support your child in the rear-facing position for up to two years, and then switch it to its forward-facing position when ready. The main advantage of a convertible seat is that it could be the only one you buy! Hence, you need to choose carefully, taking every consideration into account.

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