Tuesday, February 6, 2018

CanvasHQ Review


         I needed some serious design help in our home! It has been lacking a personal touch since we bought our house years ago! We have been BUSY to say the least, a house, wedding, dogs, new parents to now two little girls! Life is just about creating memories and enjoying the chaos! We are loving family life and we are ready to put those memories on our walls but have been struggling on where to start! That's where CanvasHQ comes in!! They are the best of the best when it comes to high quality canvas artwork! I really can not stress the quality enough...it is by far the most amazing canvas prints we have ever received! I had no clue on where to start in this journey of creating my dream gallery wall....but then CanvasHQ's amazing customer service stepped in!

      They truly care about their customers and are there to help in any way! In this day and age it is so hard to find a company that is authentic and wants you to be happy! CanvasHQ is that company!! I placed my order and my design was set to go, the quick turnaround time was outstanding! We were set to head to Florida and I was bummed thinking I would not see the Canvas prints until we returned but they came so fast!!! The packaging was superb, insuring that nothing got damaged along the way! When I opened them I was blown away...again the quality! I can not stress enough how important this is! I am officially a CanvasHQ super fan!!!

Ok so you are ready to shop, explore and try out their website....head on over HERE!!! You will be able to navigate with such ease! The setup of the website is so easy!!!!

Who CanvasHQ is:

"A family owned and operated company from the very beginning, CanvasHQ started with the grain of an idea; the idea was that ordering canvas prints should easier and quicker. The soul of our company as one that truly, truly cares about our clients and their satisfaction, we have ingrained the three keys of our success into every member of our team:

-High quality canvas artwork

-Authentic and caring customer service

-Quick turnaround times

With those three legs of our CanvasHQ stool firmly in place, step-by-step and year-by-year we have grown CanvasHQ into the company it is now. We work with hundreds of photographers and thousands individual clients all over the United States and Canada. We have over seven years of canvas making experience under our belts, and every year we’ve refined our craft.

We’re not perfect, but we strive to be. Our goal is not to sell canvas, it’s to make our customers happy, and if they are not pleased with us or our product, they won’t owe us a dime. Our clients are like family to us." That mission statement speaks for itself and you all know I love a family run business!!!

Here was my sample of my new gallery wall
And On the wall!!!!

I was in love from the start...but to see it on my wall had me in tears! We were working with a huge open canvas so to say! The wall was completely blank and I had no clue how to turn it in to a work of art...something that had meaning that we would cherish for years to come! I love that when people are in our home they are able to see this beautiful gallery wall but more importantly I love that this is something we get to enjoy every time we go downstairs in our home! It is a constant reminder of how important family truly is! So many beautiful memories captured on the most amazing high quality canvas artwork!!

My Husband had it hung up and ready in about ten minutes!!! Yes it was that quick!! It came with all the hardware and no hammer needed!!! Completely blown away!

       Why pick CanvasHQ?

I could rave and rave about this company until I was blue in the face! They really are that amazing, but besides opinion here are some facts! You get an estimated time based on all their intelligence on when your canvas will arrive! There is 100 percent satisfaction guarantee! You get to choose your finish At CanvasHQ, they are the only place to offer a choice of glossy, semi-gloss, iridescent and matte finish for your art. Because they are a family run business that personal feel is there!! You are able to reach out in any form and they are there to support you and answer any questions you may have! The quality is over the top amazing! They use spot on colors to get your canvas...well perfect! You get free digital proofs so you can see before you buy and make any adjustments you may need!

       The more choices you have, the better. They offer artwork frame depths from .75" to 2". The .75" frames are ideal for subtler or smaller art, and they can be framed in the future. The 1.5" frames are standard, while the 2" frames are for large artwork or if you want to make a statement with a smaller piece of art. Plus you can send it as a gift!!! You don't have to worry about the price being attached, they will remove that and you can add your own personal note! If you want a company that will exceed all of your expectations than CanvasHQ is your go to!!

      Are you ready to transform your home with a beautiful gallery wall?? Add a little spice to a playroom, living room, or kitchen! Head over to CanvasHQ and get some inspiration!!!

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“Every photo taken is with the intention to capture the feelings of that present moment & hope it would last forever. Preserving your moments on Canvas is what we do, let us know how we can serve you."

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