Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodnight Moon...

It's getting Late...Trying to fall asleep and get back on a {Fall} schedule is eerily painful. Why! Late night giggles with Ralph...TV Off...and Mumford and Sons will surely put my winding mind to rest...
My Song for you all tonight, my favorite band...

                                                                       Goodnight Moon,

Angry Birds Party

It was a busy weekend…Mostly last minute details. My friend Crystal’s son turned 9 this weekend so we were busy planning and celebrating with his Angry Birds Themed Birthday!! 


Cam is obsessed with Angry Birds, so when his mom asked him what kind of Party he wanted it was no surprise when he said an Angry Birds Party!! Crystal and I are big “DIY” type people and the thought of spending hundreds at iparty was totally out of the question. We had the theme so know it was time to get crafty…..


I found the invites online and was able to download and print them for FREE. You can print out your own free Here!!

Here is the image of all the free Angry Bird print outs I used....
 The Cupcake Toppers were also printed out for free as well!! :o)


I went to our local Walmart and purchased packing boxes in all various sizes…which ran from anywhere between 28 cents to 68 cents a box, Super Cheap!! Crystal picked up a package of Angry birds & pigs balloons…so we were able to set up a Real life version of Angry Birds!!!   The boxes ended up being {Magical} and lasted in various ways throughout the ENTIRE party. After several Games of Angry Birds the children got to attack the boxes by crashing into them and beating them with bats…Oh the Joys of Boys being able to be destructive!! Once they were flattened they then turned into a magical slide, Anthony gave the kids a sled and the rest was history. Sledding in August, Awesome!! 


Crystal had the party around two, so it started with appetizers deviled eggs, veggie plate and Taco Dip. Later around dinner they fired up the Grill with easy go to food, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and had a bunch of other sides, salad, baked mac and cheese!! Kids Favorites! And of course the dessert table for sweets! An ice-cream cake, pecan bars, Turtle cookies, mini fruit cups over little sugar cookie shells, and some Angry Bird Cupcakes!! 


Most of the stuff was easy, and hand made. I printed off a free banner online and strung it together using black string, I also printed off tags to close the goodie bags and toppers for the angry bird poop (M&M’s). Crystal picked up a few Angry Bird decorations; we kept it simple and classic. 

For the goody bags it was simple…LOOT! Fake gold, Silly bands, bracelets, angry bird rings and huge rubber bouncy balls!

Crystal purchased Cam’s Angry Bird shirt from Kholes and we were set to Party!!! 

What we got him.....MONEY!!! Kids love money....but to spice it up I bought a bag of transparent balloons and got a bunch of ones, stuffed the money inside and Ralph filled up the balloons with an air mattress pump! We loaded them all up in a huge lawn bag and tied it with string.....Cam pulled the string and all the balloons came out...Then the fun part...POPPING all the balloons and collecting the Money!! 

Enjoy your week.... BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Lily's Bowtique

Hi Everyone, My name is Crystal. Owner of Little Lily's Bowtique. I’m so excited to be guest posting on Sarah with an H.

First let me tell you a little bit about myself; I met the man of my dreams three years ago and I recently moved to Massachusetts and I LOVE it! My son is going into the fourth grade this year, time flies! I’m a crafter, baker and planner. I dream of getting engaged and my wedding day. And so looking forward to having another baby!!

I started Little Lily’s Bowtique because I enjoy crafting, I started making little girl clips and headbands. It quickly took off, so I opened up a shop and started doing craft fairs. My headbands and clips have been featured by multiple photographers, Such as Avery Grace Photography, JLS Photo & Precious Details Photography by C.P.

All items at Little Lily's Boutique are handmade by me in my smoke/pet free home. Most things are made to order, and will ship within 48 hours! ****All orders over $20.00 will ship for free in US. Just enter code "Ship20" for the discount. You will find a wide variety of hair clips, bows and headbands including Holiday items. 

In the upcoming weeks I will be at Craft Fairs throughout New England, Newburyport, Mendon, Holliston and more to come….I also start my new job at the second largest healthcare system in New England as a Revenue Integrity Specialist come September. Which is rapidly approaching!!

Thank You Sarah and thank you Sarah with an H fans for checking out my Boutique. You can find me on Facebook or visit my Etsy Shop . I run many Flash sales so stay Tuned for 25% off & 50% off sales!!!

Enjoy Your Week Everyone!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He’d Die for me and I Live for him.

              He’d Die for me and I Live for him. 
 I’m mystified by this Grand design I’m in. Tonight my dogs started to bark for no reason…My heart started to race as I stared out the pitch black window they were both barking out of. Then I hear Ralph upstairs getting out of bed and listened to his footsteps go across the hall as he made his way downstairs. I knew it was nothing…out that dark window…in the darkness of the night. What if? Not even a question, knowing that Ralph would Never let anything happen to me, ever. This man that came downstairs to see what the dogs were barking at would die for me. It’s hard to wrap my brain around such a concept, that you could be so madly and deeply in love with someone that you would give your life for them…that’s beyond powerful. 

I live for this man; he puts a smile on my face even in my dreams. Side by side, we are on a ride, a life time adventure. Just him and I. Surreal… a warmth like no other, unexplainable unless you are living/feeling it. I don’t know how he does it, how he gets me the way he does. 

The things that he does, that I live for, others wouldn’t understand. The way he mimics Doug from King and Queens, the way he says “shut it” with a grin, the way he bites his knuckle when I’m driving him absolutely nuts. The way he tells me I’m pretty after we get home, after the dress comes off, after the make-up is gone, when the curls are out, just when I’m me. The way he stands close. The way we walk, not realizing he is always against the direction of any kind of harm, my hand placed firmly in his…leading the way. My safety. 

                                              I know for certain I would fall apart without him.

Better than a Fairytale, he is all I ever wanted, all I’ve ever needed. 

He crashed into my heart, HARD. A man that I thought would be incapable of staying with this {just turned 21 year old at the time} trying to wrap my head around him still not leaving, still wanting to stay. He wouldn’t dream of going anywhere, anywhere but here, with me. 

                                                    Without a doubt, my song Tonight. 

Tonight I’m going to bed next to the man that loves me more than himself.  A man that thinks my life is more precious than his own. Amazing. 

                                                                Goodnight. XO

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I had the day off yesterday…My list of “To Do’s” seemed like an impossible feat. So I ended up watching YouTube Video’s ALL day long!! Called Ralph and told Him I missed him 7 times. Played with my Pups, added glitter to my nail polish on my toes, Danced absolutely ridiculously in my Living room, stopped at my friend’s house as she embellished my {Rolove} bracelet with a Purple Skull, Laughed so hard as we could not control the wild Lab we had running in her backyard and actually had a pretty amazing dinner on the table by the time Ralph got home got out of the shower ;) Oh and watched a baseball movie that had me bawling my eyes out, if you can believe it…not the crying part because I always do, the baseball part! I think yesterday was a Success. Today consisted of sitting by the pool, drinking ice water, going to whole foods, reading and playing with Unicorns; Obviously. My List can wait another day. 
 This weekend will consist of {Hopefully} a productive check off on that dreaded list...but I'm certain, almost positive I will get side tracked crafting, shopping, movies, loving and all sorts of wasted time activities, I think wasted time is Glorious! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Because I Love Music....
    Because I seriuosly can not stop listening to the Lumineers...
          Because this Song makes me Happy....
                 Because I like to play it a little too loud in our Home....
                          Because I like to play it WAY too Loud in my car....
                                   Because Ralph actually knows the words because I dont stop playing it...
                                           Because I love the lights in the video and suspenders... 
                                                Because I think my dogs like it...
                                                    Because before Ralph and I dated, Ralph knew I belonged to him...
                                                         Because I knew HE belonged to me...
                                                      Just. F******. BECAUSE.


Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries

             Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries
 I LOVE Chocolate dipped strawberries…but I wanted to try something different. I Love baking sticks and I have made Cake Pops, lolly pops, Pancake Pops, Bite Sized Apple Pie Pops, Yogurt Pops and now Chocolate Stuffed Strawberry Pops!!! They are soooo Yummy and Fun to eat!!! 

My friend Crystal brought over these egg cartons when we were doing a serious Bake Fest!! And they have come in so handy ever since. I was able to stuff 18 Strawberries and pop them right into the refrigerator!!

I learned a little trick when it comes to Strawberries…If you wash them, you water log them!! They become soggy and yucky quick! The trick: Wet a damp cloth and clean each one! A tad bit more time consuming but well worth it!!! 

I melted a little over ½ cup of Godiva Milk Chocolate chips in the microwave for about 25 seconds, stir, and another 15 seconds. Spooned chocolate into cut out holes in strawberries, that’s it!! :o)You could also top with a little sea salt or even fresh shredded coconut! 


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tonights Song

Because Foster the People are that good...
                            and because Pumped up Kicks kinda rock too! 

The Crazies

I heard the craziest thing today and even though it didn't involve me I feel 
like I have to state a fact. 
 Fact: if you know someone and they have good character, truthful nature and a 
kind heart and always have since the day you met them...never believe stories 
you hear coming from those who have never had any of those traits. No matter how 
believable their story may seem and no matter how bad they may make the person 
look... Know the actual facts because chances are the faulty one is leaving out 
MAJOR Key events that will make the story telling seem absurd. Chances are there 
are many, many , many things they don't want you or others to know so they try 
and blame others for their misfortune. Misfortune that has seem to follow them 
Wherever they go. 

So what was my response to such absurdity, Nothing. If the person actually 
believed such stupidity I'm certainly not going to clarify the truth. Sometimes 
it's better to nod and let the moment pass as you know very well these people 
hold no place in your everyday life. Merely a  passer-buyer that will continue to 
be lost around this very existence with no true purpose in their life. 

Do right for yourself and enjoy life...because life is an amazing adventure, and 
we are surely enjoying the ride!!! ;)

In case your wondering what road to take.... 

Food Documentaries 101

           Food Documentaries 101

The World of Food Documentaries could quite possibly change your Life!! Here are the ones I have watched or plan to watch...
Food, Inc.: The things you will Learn or rather the things you have been in the dark about!! This is definitely a Must see!!! An unflattering look inside America's corporate controlled food industry.
Forks Over Knives: I haven’t seen this Movie yet….But I will tell you that this movie Single Handedly turned my mother into a Vegetarian, 4 years!
                                                          Here's the Trailer ^
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!! My absolute favorite. This is actually the movie I watched right before I went and bought my $700 dollar Vitamix!!! That I literally could NOT live without. I have yet to get the gumption to go on a full force juice fast but I have incorporated a Green way of life so to speak. Every morning I have a smoothie with Fruits and Veggie’s!!! P.S. Joe Cross totally Rocks!! 
                                               You can watch the Full Movie...Click Play!
Food Matters: I love this one, really short but to the point! I love the saying YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT….It’s just soooo True! Here is what the synopsis read: In what promises to be the most contentious idea put forward, the filmmakers have interviewed several leading experts in nutrition and natural healing who claim that not only are we harming our bodies with improper nutrition, but that the right kind of foods, supplements and detoxification can be used to treat chronic illnesses as fatal as terminally diagnosed cancer.

The focus of the film is in helping us rethink the belief systems fed to us by our modern medical and health care establishments. The interviewees point out that not every problem requires costly, major medical attention and reveal many alternative therapies that can be more effective, more economical, less harmful and less invasive than conventional medical treatments.
 Earthlings: I didn't want to see this one...Do to the fact that the Humane Society was quoted saying "Americans don't want to see it." You know the terrifying truth is about to be thrown in your face! It was and it's sad...but a Real Eye Opener!! Here's what the synopsis reads: Covering pet stores, puppy mills and animal shelters, as well as factory farms, the leather and fur trades, sports and entertainment industries, and finally the medical and scientific profession, Earthlings includes footage obtained through the use of hidden cameras to chronicle the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely on animals.

Want to watch all the movies for Free...Download a free netfix trial and make it a "Healthy Food Conscience wake-up call Date Night} Equip your fridge with a healthy dinner and snacks...because a Big Juicy Burger is so not the right choice for this night!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Favorite Hello

Even though I talk to Ralph throughout the day, everyday, for almost 8 years, I get so Happy when I see his name flash across the screen!!! Even if its just to say Hello (which most the time thats all it is)! I find myself never wanting to hang up, even if we are just sitting there sometimes in silence, or while he orders coffee, or while I try to park. ;) I know for sure that I am his FAVORITE Hello & Hardest Goodbye and that warms my heart!

                                                           Goodbye until tomorrow and G'night

DIY: {un} Paper Towels

      DIY: {un} Paper Towels 
I don’t like to think of Ralph and I as being “Wasteful” people but truth be told when it comes to paper towels we go through about 5-6 rolls a WEEK!!! We use Paper towels for everything. I think I tear off two or three every time I wash my hands…and I wash my hands a lot! That doesn’t include cleaning, and everything else we use paper towels for. 

Time to GO GREEN!!! 

I went to my local fabric store and purchased one yard of a fun print in flannel and one yard in terry cloth, both are super absorbent and will be perfect for UN-PAPER TOWELS!! 

                                                These are the cut 12 by 12 Squares, ready to be sewn.

This is so easy, it takes about two hours to make but to think I will Never have to buy paper towels again is So worth it!! Saving Money not to mention the Environment! It's hard to imagine life without paper towels...This is a new thing so I'm not certain these will completely replace Paper Towels...but we will try ;)

I took a piece of Scrapbook paper which measures 12 by 12. I used a yard ruler for straight cuts and was able to cut 9 twelve by twelve squares out of each yard of fabric. After you sew them they will become 11 by 11. The snaps were so easy to put on...Just measure evenly mark two spots on all 9 already sewn squares and Hammer away ;)

When I was done I just snapped them together and rolled them up on an empty paper towel roll. Outcome: A Set of 9 large (11" X 11") towels with snaps that have officially replaced my paper towels!! Can you say ECO FRIENDLY!!

I used a coupon at JoAnn Fabrics and bought the two yards of Fabric on Sale for $6 dollars, I also bought the snaps (3 packages) for $4 dollars after my ACmoore Coupon. I never head to the Craft Store without one. So for only $10 Dollars I was able to make this Super Amazing Unpaper Towels!!! That I am seriously in love with. I put a little basket under the sink and after the towel is used you just toss it in. Wash and Dry, Snap back together and you have a brand “new” roll of “Paper Towels” ready to go!! 
                                 You can also fold them in three's and use them as dinner Napkins!!

  I have to admit I could not for the life of me figure out the sewing machine and Ralph totally took over (like the man he is) and sat at the table sewing!!! Not just one but every single one, if it was possible to fall more in Love with this man I think it happened last night!!! Just a tip that I forgot to take a picture of…Sew them pattern inside, that way you can leave a space to turn them inside out so that you will don’t see the seam! Then that tiny space you used to flip it through, simply sew up by hand. 

 I was able to sneak in a quick nail polish change while Ralph was busy...
                               Light Peach and One Miss.Sparkly...Thanks Maegan for the idea ;)

What is getting me really excited about this whole un-paper towel thing.... Changing them out for the Holidays...I will Surely be making Special Holiday ones, Like every Holiday. Next weekend's project...Halloween and Thanksgiving Un-paper Towels!!  They also make the Perfect House Warming Gift!! Find out the color of Friends and Family's kitchens and make them as Gifts!

List of {Go Green} in our house thus far:
Reusable cloth Grocery Bags
No more paper towels
Green: Cleaning Products
Glass; Milk
oh and we recycle ;) I'm sure there's more but I may have to think....

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