Monday, March 26, 2012



Ralph’s Birthday is coming up and I don’t want to miss a Step! I Love to celebrate and make Holidays special so I found the perfect dress months in Advance! The problem I always have is I buy Heels to match my outfits…Not getting to Break them in leads to a painful night. I own lots of heels but my Dress is REALLY pink so I wanted to do a subtle black high heel but add a pop of Color! I love Christian Louboutin and the whole idea of a hidden color underneath. I have a Tiffany Charm bracelet with a charm high heel with the signature Tiffany blue adorned underneath. So why do the colors have to stop there?? I want Glittery Pink Party Shoes!! 

I recently went to ACMoore and picked up a package of Martha Stewart Glitter that I have been using on my nails…You can check them out HERE

What you will need:
A pair of heels
Clear Glue
Tape ~So you can keep the outer part of your heel clean
A Foam Brush our your finger to spread the glue.

As you noticed I left the bottom part Black...I didn't bother because it will come off anyway and when the heel is flat you don't see that part :o)

     Be sure to do this over a piece of paper, outside or over a sink…it can get messy . Also allow an adequate amount of time to dry. Do Not attempt an hour before you go out! It will be all over everything (I know this because I did it with my nails!!) I could only imagine the damage to wet glitter heels would do. You will also need to lock in the glitter with a clear glaze top coat so the glitter will not come off when it gets wet! Good Luck Ladys….Happy Fabulous Feet!!! Feel free to send me your picks of your revamped heels…I would be happy to add them!! :o) 

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