Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baby of the Month

March Baby Of the Month


Max is the HAPPIEST baby, hardly ever cries…Unless you want to change his diaper or put clothes on him…This Baby wants to Go Go Go!! Max is always on the move and he's extremely easy going. The kind of kid to fall and get right back up smiling. Max has an incredible sense of humor and will purposely try to make people laugh. He's also the type If you tell him "no" he will smile and do it anyway! 

He ADORES his 6 year old brother Sebastian, and laughs at everything he does. It's true brotherly love, they have an incredible bond. He will even try and hug him and shows a genuine concern if Sebastian is upset.

                                                         Max isn't afraid to try least once!
 If MAX could make a list of all his favorite things it would go as follows...
*Animals, especially cats.
*MUSIC! Nat King Cole's song "smile" immediately helps him calm down and fall asleep. (He also loves banging on our piano)
*Spinach and kale Puffs (he'd eat the whole container if his Mommy would let him!)
*Ball toys
*Being outside, especially the swings at the park.

He's an EXPLORER 100%, will crawl around and try to open, take apart or examine everything in the room.
During the summer he LOVES the water and his Mommy and Daddy can't wait to take him swimming this summer, he's their little fish!!

Max also LOVES getting his picture taken... will sit, smile and pose for pretty much anyone as soon as he sees the little red light on a camera!!

Max’s Mommy run’s a home daycare so he is one of the fortunate ones who gets to spend every waking moment with their mommy
!!! Lucky Boy & Mom 

8 more Baby’s to go before the Grand Prize Drawing. Which I will choose at Random LIVE Stream for all Momma’s to see!!! 

If you would like to have your baby featured or nominate a baby please contact me Via Facebook or e-mail me at ****Unfortunately at this time all spots are full for the year 2012**

The Winning Baby of the Year Gift Basket will include the following:

$100 dollar Gift Card to Janie & can check out their website Here.
Chenille Confetti Love on the Go!™ (with your choice of design)You can check that out Here  Not to mention lots of other fun trinkets!!


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