Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So I'm tuning out...I'm usually up late like 10-11ish Ralph on the other hand is in bed by 9! Yes, he gets up super early (I do too...but were talking 4am verse 6am) I hate not falling asleep at the same time...So I'm Headed to bed early tonight ;) I guess we could all use some extra sleep once in a while. 

I'm surprised that we don't have a power outage in our bedroom....Here are the things we need in order to fall asleep at night..

*Two Fans on....One on my side and the ceiling fan
*Humidifier with Vick's Vapors "Calming"Aroma
*Brookstones {Nature Sounds} 
*iphones charging & ipads charging
*Heated blanket

(Also Windows open)

                                              Basically One Big "White Noise Maker" 

Our Future babies will probably have to sleep with all this calming white noise as well....Because it knocks our Dogs out for the entire night...We literally have to drag them out of bed in the Morning...They would sleep till 11am if we never woke them!

Here's to an early sleep and a Beautiful 80* day tomorrow...Whoa Life is Good!

                                               ****"ARE YOU COMING" ~RV

"Yes...Just turning off the tree" *lie* but Really Goodnight Y'all 

                                    Note to self: Don't forget to turn off the tree! 




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