Monday, March 12, 2012

Magnetic Cork Planters

These are just the cutest things ever and Sooo Easy to make, It literally took me ten minutes....I took a couple of Corks and had Ralph drill a hole in the top...Filled it with soil and planted a couple of seeds! Put some Hot glue on the back with my glue gun and placed a magnet on the back. I'm super impatient and couldn't wait for the real flowers to sprout so I put some fake ones in there until Spring really arrives. :o) 

****Sorry all my pictures have been "Grainy" on my Blog this Canon is Broken :/ Shipping it out this week to hopefully fix it...If not off to Best Buy I go! :o) 

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This is just to show you that they do hold up things. The magnets are strong...Although my Refrigerator is bare...I don't like anything on it... Except for the side...Which is where these little cork magnets will go... I actually put them on my Dinner Menu Board :o) Actually I just lied...I bought these cute little poem magnets at Barnes and Noble and Ralph pulled them out one day and left me a Poem on the Front of the Fridge and I seriously cannot take it down....LOVE! But other than that it's bare. ;)

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