Friday, March 2, 2012

Blue Mercury

So Y'all know I'm an Esthetician right??! One of the perks of being an Esthetician is being able to pamper yourself... When I was working for a Company called Blue Mercury I was able to fly out to Washington DC to train for a week on their signature facials. My favorite was the purifying tea-tree and lemon rejuvenation treatment!! I would give myself this treatment once a week in-between clients. 

Here is a brief synopsis of what it is, an invigorating, customized head-to-toe body facial. a mineral, therapeutic body scrub buffs away dry skin and unclogs pores. a customized full-body treatment mask for hydration, soothing and healing, or deep-pore cleansing is applied leaving skin refreshed and vibrant. feet are pampered with a peppermint foot scrub, mask, and reflexology treatment. a body massage hydrates and replenishes the skin (100 minutes $240) Can I just say I can’t believe people paid $240 dollars for this plus a $30 dollar tip! That’s almost $300 dollars…I’m not a cheap person but I couldn’t see paying this once a month or in my case once a week…But Tonight I will Indulge in a major pampering session…My Favorite thing to do on a Friday Night after a Super Long week! 

*I’ve been teacher training and have to say I LOVE teaching the 4th Grade!! It’s such a fun age!!! Can’t believe I’m already to this point, Time Flies!! It’s only a matter of time before I’m in my very own classroom, with my own routine and my own group of kids!! 

Oh and did I mention I bought the most magical Silver Eye shadow when I made a pit stop at Nordstrom to find some cute Sperry’s (no Luck) but it was a Great Day because I’m out of my mind excited to try out this Rockin’ Silver. This is what I have in mind……

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