Monday, March 12, 2012

Easter Eggs

I Love to Decorate for the Holidays but I'm not big on window clings and plastic wall hangings that are bought at a store...I just don't think there is much creativity in them. I LOVE to make my own decorations....although I am a big fan of Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma decorations but I still like to make my own...especially when I sign onto Pinterest and see all the Creative Ideas....Here is one inspired by that.

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What you will need:

Colored String 
Liquid Starch
Water Balloons

Each colored string can cover two balloons.....Be sure to cut it in advance because it will get messy. 

In a Bowl Mix 1 cup Liquid Starch and 1/2 a cup flour 
Make sure you unravel your string or you will get knots... It is NOT fun and is almost impossible to get them out with goop on your hands and string. Gently place the string in the bowl and push down. Wrap the string around the balloon in any direction or pattern you want. The string does not need to be saturated either. 

I let my balloons dry all night and they were ready to pop by the morning. I stuck them with a dental tool (you can use a pin or just about anything sharp)  Then use the sharp edge to remove some of the crust from the string. 

You could use them in a bowl for a table center piece, on your mantel above the fire place, string them and use them as garland at a holiday party!! I put some in a bowl and made another batch of eggs for my Tree in my living room. It looks Super Cute at Night with the Lights!!

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