Sunday, June 3, 2012

33 Things I Love about You

Ralph’s 33rd Birthday Past…His celebration week seemed to never end and we enjoyed every second of it. To me it’s more than a birthday; it’s a celebration of a whole year of Ralph’s Life, Our Life! In honor of Ralph I decided to give him a list of the 33 things I Love about him, in no particular order and only the first 33 things that came to mind {Right Now} I love winging things ;) 

I love...

1. His Heart

2. His love of our two dogs; all animals

3. His love of his and my family

4. That he is 100% Italian; Tall, Dark and Handsome

5. That he is such a hard worker, even if he is sick he is at work

6. How much he is madly in love with me

7. That he kisses me every morning before he leaves for work

8. His love for children

9. His never ending support while I’m in school/work

10. His love for Mack Trucks

11. His unbelievable cooking

12. That he secretly loves 90210 and watches it with me

13. That he leaves ALL decorating up to me

14. That he randomly brings me home flowers

15. That he looks over and smiles at me for no reason

16. That he is Strong, like really, really strong

17. That he is excited for our future and talks about “when we have kids…”

18. That he always makes me feel safe

19. That he will participate in my crazy blog ideas, no matter how stupid they may be…

20. That he is a 6'4"  tough guy, yet he will talk on a toy phone to his one year old nephew 

21. That he will go upstairs and start a bath for me…bubbles and all!

22. He does DISHES AND LAUNDRY, in fact he does everything! I craft ;)

23. He always has me laughing, he is wicked funny!
24. He has an amazing smile; it gets me every time

25. That he is a member of St.Jude and has been for years, helping families with sick kids

26. That he watched “girly movies” on Saturday Movie nights…I watch his movies too

27. He still holds my hand, at home and in public

28. He loves Frank Sinatra and sings “Summer Wind” to me often

29. That he picked me to love forever

30. That canned food grosses him out to no end! If it requires a can opener he won’t eat it!

31. That we still {play}, chasing each other around the house after over 7 years

32. His intensely amazing eyes

33. That he is neat and organized, dare I say WAY more organized than me!! 

HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY Ralph Steven….I Love you something Fierce!!!

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