Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello :o) It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Like {Really} posted! What have we been up to in the past two weeks?? To be honest a whole lot of Nothing. I recently opened up an Etsy Shop; HERE! Right now my Boutique is primarily focused on BABY stuff and to be honest has given me BABY FEVER!!!  I’ve been making the cutest little TuTu’s that make me tear up at the thought of them selling. I picture my little girl digging them out of her Dress Up chest and putting one on as she sets up her table for tea with Daddy. That’s not crazy right, RIGHT?? It’s Amazing how much I look forward to becoming a mommy. Ralph and I have known from the very beginning that we wanted a family! I think we are definitely paving the way to making our house a Home. By that I mean really getting to know one another (yes it’s almost been 8 years) but you find new things out all the time! How we view life, what makes each other tick, what works best as far as organization goes, how to incorporate our faith in everyday life, and so on! 

Right now I’m on PROJECT HEALTH!! It’s no secret that I DON’T eat Healthy…I’m slowly changing my ways. In the past year processed food has slowly worked it’s way out the door and Whole Food’s have been welcomed into our home. I’ve heard before that your body is the temple of God; I’ve been given the gift of life and I need to treat my body right! It has been hard to change old eating habits but I think I’m getting there; Plus I want to be a Healthy Momma when the time comes!

The whole gym, extreme diet things have never worked with me and I’ve kinda Yo-Yoed around when it comes to my weight. Right now I have to say it’s at an ALL time high as far as weight goes so it’s time to CHANGE my ways. We made the investment of a Vitamix…I call it our Blender on Steroids!! You could literally throw in a hunk of a tree, rocks and dirt and it would whip it up into a smoothest smoothie you have ever drunk! I’ve been ingesting things I would NEVER eat in this life time…or so I thought. For example, beet roots, Ginger Root, Kale, and every other health thing imaginable!! I went down the fresh produce isle at Whole Foods and put I think one of everything in my cart!! It’s been all about experimenting since then!  

Last night I made ice cream with carrots and spinach (*note:  you did NOT taste them!) and it was all chocolaty goodness. I’m not kidding!!!  What sold Ralph on the Price (eeek!) was that the Vitamix is warrantied for 10 YEARS!!!! And is said to last a LIFETIME! 

To further my sales pitch I also informed him of the money we would save long term because we plan on making our own Baby Food; Organic! Knowing the type of things we want for the Future has put a big prospective on what we buy now. We would be spending money on a baby food processer anyway. With this Vitamix it serves as an all in one for THE WHOLE FAMILY!!! The Vitamix which costs around $650 dollars (Yes $650 does seem a tad bit high for a blender and after cookbooks, accessories and extended warranty to 10 YEARS it could get you up around $900) BUT you can’t put a price on your Health!!  *Vitamix does sell cheaper ones, depending on what style you purchase! You could score one for $350! I also think cheap blenders work well too; I had one from Target for $100 bucks that worked good too...Shhh Don't tell Ralph; I really really really wanted this brand/style!! But truth be told you don't need to spend a fortune to eat right if you shop around. :o)

The way I look at it now is….If we do go according to “MY” plan hahaha I will be having a Baby in the next year or two! The Vitamix has an 10 YEAR no questions asked Warranty. With {one child} making our own baby food…The machine pays for itself! Not that I’m against those who “crack” open the jarred baby food because I’m not…Heck I’m not even a momma yet and I may be doing the same. Being a Momma is Hard Work! But as of now I stand my ground on a few things that I believe will fit our lifestyle, such as Breast-feeding (another Hot/controversial topic), Cloth Diapering (who knows how long that will last ;) and Homemade Baby Food are up there on the things we have thought about and want to do! Because really who knows how long your pureed carrots for your most precious gift {baby} have been sitting on the shelf at the grocery store, factory or if the farm they were grown on was even in this country!! I just feel more comfortable knowing that I was the one who handled his or her food and that they are getting it in the purest way possible. Eeek to think this Blog will slowly be turning into a Mommy Blog excites me…Oh the Joys of Life’s Journey!! Can you tell I’m excited, Can you tell this has been a present conversation in our house, Can you tell we are soooo Looking forward to our future! 

Needless to say we have been busy doing a whole lot of Nothing and that’s ok! Life seems to just happen especially when you are not keeping track… Who would have thought a business was brewing in the past two weeks? Talks of Diapers and Baby Food? And the Purchase of a Life Long Investment! I will let y’all know how the Vitamix pans out and I will be sure to keep you posted on this “Not Weight Loss” but rather “HEALTH Journey” we are embarking on!! 

Health and Happiness to all my Readers, oh and Did I say THANK YOU yet and if I haven’t… THANK YOU!!! You all ROCK!! Having almost hit the 100,000 Mark and having 1,500 to 2,000 views a day Completely BLOWS MY MIND!!! All of your e-mails keep me busy on Sunday Night and I LOVE hearing your views on all of my blog related stuff!! Your out pour of Love and Encouragement has been astounding. I have talked to people from all over the World, who would have thought! I hope to stay current and blog often and LOVE that you all are sharing my Life’s Journey with me! 

*I’ve gotten many e-mails asking me different questions about everything from beauty, diy, relationship advise, to what kind of toothpaste I use Hehe I’ve been thinking of different ways to answer these questions instead of just via e-mail. Nadetta from Germany (Yes ALL the way from Germany!!!) has suggested a post on a certain day where I answer readers’ questions! I think that is a great idea Nadetta, thank's for the suggestion, I will have to give it some thought and put something together! :o) Not that I’m an expert in any area by any means but I will surely give you all my take on it or any subject for that matter :o) 

Off to cook dinner for the first time in two weeks "Crock Pot Style"  because who really Cooks during a heat wave... Not me ;) Ralph's a good sport, Love you something Crazy R!!

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