Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nursery Necessities

I've been busy trying to get everything ready for the new baby... with an almost three year old at the hip! For the most part she has been a BIG help and it has been relatively easy transferring her stuff into the nursery! YAY for another GIRL! One of the perks for sure. One thing that has been the easiest with baby number two is getting rid of the stuff that just didn't work for us...lots of useless baby equipment, stuff that claimed to work that just didn't! One thing on my list was to find NAIL CLIPPERS!! One's that would WORK...never did I imagine that I'd find a pair that would blow my mind! The Nail Whales baby and child clippers are a MUST HAVE!!! No more nail clippings everywhere...the "hungry whale" eats the clippings, Can't see those tiny nails...just flip down the magnifying glass, this is also the first pair of clippers I used that her nail stays in place! I can not express enough my love for these clippers!!!

I just LOVE the makers over at NURSERY NECESSITIES!!

Nursery Necessities offers premium products that meet your baby’s needs and provide hassle-free solutions to parents. There are tons of baby products on the market today and new parents are often confused on what is actually needed and what is not. With Nursery Necessities, you can be assured that our products are safe, made with the best materials and are the must-have items that no parent can live without!

You have to see what else they have to offer! You can visit them HERE!

NAIL WHALE - #1 Best Baby & Child Nail Clippers - "Eats" Nail Clippings - Magnifier & Finger Safety Stabilizer - By Nursery Necessities
Here's what the peeps over at Nursery Necessities had to say...

"Nail Clippers for Babies, Toddlers & Children, Offering Safety & Convenience with Several Unique Features. Gentle for Newborns & Babies and Sturdy to Use on Toddlers & Growing Children. The Only Nail Clipper You’ll Ever Need to Buy for Your Child!

Built In Magnifier Provides a Larger View of Baby’s Finger & Toe Nails, and Built In Safety Stabilizer Holds Little Fingers and Toes Steady While Cutting

Babies & Children Love the Adorable Whale Design & Bright Colors of Our Nail Clipper. Using the Nail Whale Will Make Cutting Your Child’s Nails Fun and Provide a Hassle-Free Experience for Parents & Caregivers

Nail Whale Will “Eat” Nail Clippings, as It’s Designed with a Nail Catcher. Clippings Can Be Emptied By Pushing Down on Widest Part of Yellow Piece, Remove, then Pull Green Lever Out
Bonus Nail File – One Side is Gentle for Little Ones and Mom Can Use Coarser Sider on Her Own Nails"


You can also find them on Facebook HERE

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