Thursday, December 13, 2012

LoVe Time Capsule

About a month ago I got together with a couple of my friends...we decided to make a "time capsule" as the excitement of our TEN year class reunion is coming up. (Which I have to be honest…I totally skipped out on! There was a link up online of those in attendance which mind you was about 20 from the 160 graduates and truthfully maybe only wanted to see about 10 of them…I decided I will hold a little mixer to replace the reunion and save myself the wasted time of seeing those I don’t really care for, Maybe I will be more inclined to go to the 20 year)Anyway,  I thought it would be a great idea to do that with Ralph. We don't have any children right now and in ten years who knows how many changes will come about. We have a ton of paint in our basement and I grabbed the lightest one and cleaned it out. Printed off a super cute label for it and we went to town. 

We wrote each other letters, added pictures, small trinkets and a few other surprises that the other doesn't know...we will open it on Christmas day the year 2022 Omg. It's funny how much we got into it. When I first started dating Ralph for years I would write down what we did everyday...I'm not kidding...I will have to take a picture of that and add it later today...

I guess you can say I was kind of obsessed. Imagine if he found that!! Or the baby clothes, or seating arrangements for our wedding...I wonder if he would have been long gone. Truthfully I don't think so, he was in love. He is still in Love. 

Take a peek at our Time Capsule....

Ralph took a rubber mallet hammer type thing, banged the top and the lid is officially secured...not to be opened for another TEN YEARS!! 

Song of the Day...Loving "The Afters" 

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