Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blogging Apps?!?

I just downloaded this new app for my iPhone and iPad...I'm hoping it will let me blog on the go! {Blogpress} It's been hard to juggle everything going on at the moment, and when I get home I'm more inclined to crash and be with my little family. The holidays are In full swing, finals are next week and I'm beat. Ralph has been awesome and I find myself leaving him notes to tell him just how awesome he is! We are bringing home a new "project" this week, but I won't let you all in, just yet. Hint: I'm hoping Ralph will let me have two Pink pinstripes going down it...truth, he won't! But, it is a "family" project! I'm also dying to show y'all the time capsule Ralph and I made to open in ten years...I'm thinking I may give a tutorial on it tomorrow. Stay tuned! G'night

I also got "lashes" I will have to tell you guys about it, Super Awesome and Super in LOVE with them.....


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