Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Moving Fast

I've managed to be a "Super Woman" this past week...I even made dinner every day and pre-made dinner for the rest of the week! Go Me! Reason being, I want to do NOTHING this weekend!! Like stay in my PJ's all day Saturday and Sunday. I think it may happen...I'm trying my best to make it happen. Today is "Operation Clean House/Do Laundry!" As I'm nearing the end of the semester for school...I will be Busy! Super busy...I will be headed off to Second Grade in January. I'm in the Home Stretch....a few more classes (7 to be exact) and I will be an "Official" Teacher.

Maybe if I'm Lucky I will get Rockin' Kids like these.....
I'm kinda OBSESSING over The Black Keys at the moment! 

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