Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The weeks Months leading up to the Election have been exhausting. Everywhere my eyes/ears turned it was filled with pure negativity. It was like one big “bash” session…like a long drawn out bitter fight. I guess that’s how it goes when America is literally divided in half by two candidates. It’s a close race….in a few hours it will be over. Ready to regain Happiness, no matter which party you are from….
A Must Watch;   Film - The Happy Movie | The Happy Movie

My heart is madly in love with this film, happy. I can almost guarantee you will be too! Listening to The Dalai Lama talk about Human Compassion was magical!! You can watch this movie on Netflix, I think you will love it, I think it will change how you view life, I think it will make you HAPPY ;) 

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