Friday, November 9, 2012

Bucket List's and Eddie Vedder

      It's no surprise....I’m getting excited for the Holiday’s…actually I can’t wait.  We have been having weird New England weather. Actually I think I said that last year…New England Weather is kind of Amazing! We really see it all…Yesterday we had a freakish Snow Storm 5 days after The Hurricane that ripped through. Ralph and I took the dogs out who were both frantically running through the snow; they loved it!! It totally got me into the Christmas spirit…So much in fact I wanted to go back outside and make Snow Angels with Ralph…we didn’t, but we will ;) This weekend it’s going to get to almost the 70’s can you believe it?!?! Seems crazy and really makes you wonder what’s going on with the environment, scary. I’m taking full advantages of this weather to push Ralph into doing the lights outside! No one wants to put lights up on a house in the freezing cold, maybe if I “promise” not to turn them on till AFTER Thanksgiving he will put them up! I on the other hand have been doing some serious organizing…Ralph thinks I went “Label Maker Happy” and YES there are labels on everything! Preparing for the Holidays always makes me super happy. Getting excited for The “BucketList” but won’t go to {Christmas} Crazy until after Thanksgiving! I’m trying out a new Turkey side dish recipe tonight…if it comes out good I will share tomorrow! :o) 

Happy Friday Everyone

P.S. Along with Christmas Music (yes really)…I have also been obsessing over Eddie Vedder, again. It’s Crazy how you can hear a song that you forgot about and remember how much you REALLY Loved it/or ALL of it!! Friday Night and we are Rockin’ in the Free World!! But for now a little Society....

And YES that is Johnny Depp.....LOVE!!!!


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