Friday, November 16, 2012

Blogging Funk

Blogging Funk…

Yes, it’s happened. I’ve been in a weird funk the past two weeks and haven't really wanted to Blog...or do anything really! I guess I will rewind and tell you why.

Two weeks ago: I checked my “Blog” e-mail which I have neglected this month, wish I hadn’t!! I saw the subjected header URGENT. I open it up and this is what it read “Hello Sarah, I'm contacting you from Bon Appetit. We saw your homemade candy buttons and thought they were adorable. We want to include them in an upcoming feature about homemade branded candy. We will need your permission to do so. Also, we were wondering if we could use your photo to syndicate this feature on Yahoo! Shine. We will link directly back to your blog, of course. Please let me know as soon as you can, as this feature is running tomorrow.” 

BON APPETIT!!!!!! Ugh….The disappointment really set in as I realized this would have been AMAZING!!! I went to the book store two days later and saw a Bon Appetit magazine and wanted to cry! How did I let this slip through my fingers…why hadn’t I checked my e-mail in so long!! My Mom and Dad always makes me feel better as they said the typical things, “You should be happy they even asked” “Good things come to those who wait”, “Better things will come along.” in a cry baby- Stomp your feet kind of way- I cried “I don’t want better things; I want to be in BON APPETIT!!!” “I want my picture to be on the cover of Yahoo Shine!” I have to admit I actually had no clue what Yahoo shine was and had to goggle it…but I wanted it! :/ 

I e-mailed her back (two weeks LATE) and said how sorry I was and would love to be a part of it. Twenty minutes later I received 12 crushing words, “Sorry, without your earlier permission, we weren't able to run your recipe.” -------Devastation, in one sentence. 

About a week later…two new interesting/EXCITING E-mails pop up…One from a popular run Webpage which ran a story about my hula hoop chandelier…made me feel better, but still not Bon Appetit.

                            Last Night…. I get an E-mail from Fox News Editor and Producer for Fox News Lifestyle Magazine….Getting excited for this one. I will be sure to let y’all know when it goes down. I guess it’s True….
I'm officially moving on from my funk and Bon Appetit. Leaving it at "When one door closes, another one opens." Putting to much time and energy in something that has passed is not good for the soul.   

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