Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You're a What?

I’m a LIBROCUBICULARIST! Who knew there was a name for it….I LOVE to read in bed. It’s calming, Snuggling in my cloud of soft sheets and comforter, with the ceiling fan humming above, my two pups curled up next to me, the soft glow of my wooden lamp, perfect.  My bed side table is stacked with books, my purse has a book in it. Then I realized when someone got in my car and said “What is this??” The “This” was a book on CD!! I’m in the car a lot and I love to catch up on reads that I haven’t had a chance to get too, by multitasking I’m able to get through a few chapters on my way to work, the grocery store and even on my way to dinner. I’ve always been a reader, I love books. Trying to get into the “virtual” world of books has been tough. I like to flip pages, I like the smell of books…I guess I will eventually have to get used to it because I think books "Real Books" may be a thing of the past in the next decade or so. But for now I’m embracing all the books I can get my hands on and or have time to read!

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