Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Story:

This morning my best friend Sandra was calling me to say “Good morning” per our usual routine of giving each other a call in the morning. Sandra called me from her house phone and punched in my number; it rang and rang no answer. She hung up.
                                             10 Minutes Later…..

Her phone rings.
                                         The wrong number had called back. Sandra assuming it was me greets the person on the other end with the sweetest/chiper “Goooood Morningggggg” as she usually does. The caller says Good morning in a very surprised way, they very quickly establish that she had called the wrong number. The woman on the other end did not seem to mind, as she said how pleasant Sandra was. Somewhere in the conversation it was said that Sandra was calling me to tell me how great her day went yesterday at her new Dance school.

                     The woman has two children, lives 10 minutes from the Studio and would LOVE to come to the Dance her children have been asking their mom to sign them up for DANCE!!!What in the World. I had Goosebumps all over my body as these two strangers came together or rather  “found one another” after "have a great day and god bless", they hung up….You start to really wonder…..  How did ONE digit off of mine end up being a Local woman, with children, that want to do dance. Mind Boggling!

SANDRA’s Dance at Studio 28 is Officially Open. She is on week TWO! The students are adorable, Zumba is Kickin’ butt and Everyone is Loving Miss. Sandra!
Here is a quick glimpse inside...
The Waiting Room.
The Studio.
 So HAPPY for my Best friend.

 In awe of how much she is capable of getting done every day! I’m tired after hearing about her days…Imagine teaching Zumba/Dance at 9:30 A.M. on a Saturday, getting beautified than stepping on Stage with her Band Novera for hundreds of people that night! She is one busy lady, and she loves every second of it!

If you are Local, stop by!! You can also visit Sandra's Dance at Studio 28's Website HERE!!
Mission Statement: Sandra's Dance at Studio 28 promotes confidence; positivity, determination, and team work, while helping our students find a strong sense of self. We provide an outlet for your performing passion. Let go, be free, and share you. Let’s Dance!

This Dance Studio is for EVERYONE, any age! Y'all HAVE to try Zumba..Wondering what Zumba is?? Zumba Fitness is the Latin inspired dance fitness program that has literally spread across the world!! Sandra is Zumba certified and has began shaking it up with all those who attend. Here is a glimpse of what Zumba looks/sounds like....

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