Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Good and Bad

YES! After years of not getting any Trick or Treaters we got a bunch!! Once I realized we were going to get more than we thought I flew to the store and bought more candy. I loved seeing what all the kids had on for costumes…was highly amused by those that sang those childhood reminiscing words of “Trick or Treat. Smell my Feet.”, those that said please and thank you. Even those that were too shy to say anything at all! I loved them all. They all looked so cute…and I know you are not supposed to pick favorites but I had a couple. My few favorites were ALL homemade costumes. Confession: I don’t think I like store bought costumes, I don’t think I will ever by one! 

My assortment of candy including the norm but also some peanut-free & sugar free, play dough and glow bracelets were a HUGE hit with all the kids. Even the bigger kids were excited for play dough. *Note: I have a big “Haha told you so” grin on my face right now…this would be towards Ralph who said, more than once, “Kids don’t want play dough, they want candy.” Well my charming love, I beg to differ…kids were screaming down the driveway as they went back to their parents. “Mom I got Play dough” amongst other shrills of excitement for their little sack of pumpkin colored play dough with a spooky cookie cutter attached! Ralph wanted to do BIG candy bars because he wanted to be “That House” you know the one where all the kids want to go the following year, because really the big candy bars rock! But I wanted to be simple. I thought mini treats and a little fun would be perfect. I guess I was right ;) We certainly did not have the outside as “cool” as our neighbors....One had the most amazing spooky garage set up, Fog and all!! I think next year we will have to step our game up! I think I will wait a week or two and get major Halloween sales at Target! 

The inner Dental Hygienist in me is lightly humming, rather screaming a Warning…Go through your kids candy. Yes- the “safety check” should be first…But then your “Bank Account” check should be next. No one wants a huge dental bill when certain things can be avoided! There is some candy known to dentists as the “WORST” possible candy for your teeth at Halloween. Sugar-Free candy is your best possible option; yes there may be some in that bag. With children I’m sure it’s not going to be their first pick…Dark chocolate is on the list of not so bad in that big bag of goodies, it promotes good health because it’s high in antioxidants. If there is Gum in your children’s haul that is also a good option too. Gum can actually prevent cavities, because it helps dislodge food from your teeth.


On to the “Throw out before the kids even know they got it” list: Chewy candy like taffy should definitely be avoided…A lot of children at “Trick or Treating” age get something called sealants on their teeth, couple of pieces of laughy taffy and you can say bye bye to sealants and your $400 dollars they cost you. Any type of sticky chewy candy even Bit-O’Honey should be avoided. This has been known to even dislodge teeth not only in children but adults too. 

Now onto the highly acidic candies, you know the ones that break down your tooth enamel…and this isn’t after a prolonged (over the years thing) This is as soon as you start chewing…SOUR CANDY!
You don’t have to go and toss your kids whole bag of candy, just leave them with better options…No one is saying to throw out the Reese’s and Milky Ways…just the super bad stuff, that can prevent a trip to the dentist. 

The highest sugar level candies, that will send your child into an atomic bomb of sugar…Candy Corn and those little cute Sugar Pumpkins! Straight Sugar!!! 

All Hard candy, do to the fact that it is a choking hazard in young children and that older children (even adults) as I'm guilty of this too. They tend to bite down before it "melts down." I have seen more children and adults at the dentist for Cracked teeth the days following Halloween than any other day!

The best choice: Have your child pick 10-15 pieces of candy then drive the rest over to a participating dentist and they will buy back your candy, some even pay up to $10 dollars a pound! It’s a Win/Win situation for both, the candy will be sent over to our troops that are overseas and you child can go buy a toy, or new electric toothbrush ;) 

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