Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday Fun

It’s Ralph’s BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!! His Birthday is on the 30th of May but we always celebrate this Weekend because it is the Long weekend for Memorial Day and it’s usually Beautiful, Perfect weather….and this year it surely is! Today was 80* and Sunny!!! Ralph had to go into work for a few hours this morning so it was actually the perfect time to pick up my Balloon order from iParty!! I bought 33 Balloons….He is turning 33!! I made a trail going through the house using 9 balloons going up the stairs into our bedroom…and but the other 24 on our bed! On each balloon I used a little weight to suspend it in the air and put 33 pictures of my Favorite 33 memories we have had together…Needless to say I was completely teary eyed all morning while going through our Scrapbooks…In the 7 years we have been together it was SO HARD to find 33 Memories out of thousands!! I finally chose 33 and wrote little messages on the backs of each one recalling how I remember the picture and so forth!! 

The house is So Festive Right now!!! My mother and I cleaned the whole morning…Decorated and Baked!! The house smells delicious and Dinner is in the Oven!!! I wrapped his presents in the prettiest paper you could ever imagine and made the Doggies some Birthday Shirts!! Tonight will be Magical!! Tomorrow we will spend the day over our friends Tony & Crystals for their annual Memorial Day BBQ…Head to my mom’s BBQ on Monday and do a whole Lot of Relaxing/Yard work in between!!! I LOVE Long weekends…especially when they are filled with celebrations!!! 

 Have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day Weekend Y'all!!!!!! 

Just Picked Up Ralph's "Cake Pop" Cake today from LOLLICAKES!!! I Placed the order two days ago and was Ready right on time, It is Amazing!!!!  Go Like them on Facebook HERE and you might win Free Cake Pops!!! The Company ships anywhere in the USA!!! I already placed another order for my friends wedding shower, They make the perfect Favors!!!  Thank You LolliCakes!!! 
 I also made a basket with 33 Tootsie Pops.... Card with 33 "Sucks" on it made him giggle!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY, I Love you like Whoa!!

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