Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We're All Mad Here...

I use to say…well I still do say I wish I could see inside people’s houses. Ralph, the dogs and I went out for ice-cream last night…It was one of those last minute things were we loaded up in the car in our PJ’s. We decided to take a nice night drive while we ate our ice-creams…which led me to “I wish I could see what people were doing inside their houses.” Then I thought OMG what if people could see inside our home… They would think we have all gone mad!! The ride turned into hysterics as we gave each other scenarios of what we have been up to lately behind closed doors….

Our house is like a Rock Concert…or the calm before the storm. One minute we are quietly watching TV the next we are in the basement battling to the death in a full blown ping pong match…fast forward 2 hours and we are in the living room…I’m reading a book while Ralph is watching Sons of Guns and the next my dogs are frantically chasing Ralph around the house as he pretends he is who knows what trying to get them. The Wild life, I know hehe….

I will be on Pinterest and suddenly decide that I need to whip up some elaborate “Unicorn Poop” cookies then half way through decided to go on the Sun porch and do Zumba! We live a whacky little life and I LOVE IT!!! We Live hard and Love even harder. We enjoy every second of our day, completely and fully. We Giggle A LOT and act like two school kids in Crazy Stupid Love. Hell… Ralph has even flown me on his feet doing the “Airplane” you know the thing your parents use to do to you when you were little…I even Laughed so hard that I drooled on his face. We are in LOVE and I couldn’t imagine going “Mad” in life with anyone but him. Our Children are in for a whole world of Crazy… Tonight we are making Homemade Pizza...The Test...See if anyone will get Flour Bombed...Because that's how we roll ;) 

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