Monday, May 21, 2012

The Beginning

Student Teaching 3rd Grade has come to an end this semester as I embark on the next chapter of teaching come September 6th GRADE!!! I cant believe how quickly time is flying by...Soaking in every second as I know the reality of becoming a teacher is around the corner, a childhood dream fulfilled after many trial and errors. If I could speak to the 18 year old me I would have definitely said follow what you are passionate about, although I don't regret going to Beauty school...It has been wonderful having my Aesthetician license and I will definitely keep it up to date. It's fun being able to pamper myself ;) but I belong in a classroom, I belong with children this I am sure of! This will be a Crazy Year with many exciting adventures......

The first step into my role as a Teacher..... An LL Bean Canvas Tote Bag, Pink Of course!

Fingers Crossed I will be on too, Project Engagement, Project Wedding and Project Baby!!! I seriously cant get enough of Etsy, I could go on a serious shopping spree there!!!  Look at this cute Baby Pinafore from smashed Peas and Carrots.....Just a little bit longer, Whoa Life. Is. Good. and Exciting. I may just have to go to The Paper Store to buy a L.I.G. Shirt hehe ;) 

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