Saturday, May 19, 2012

Glow Bath

Ralph’s Nephew “Baby C” is a Big time bath Lover. So when he has Big Sleep Over’s at Auntie’s I love to plan Sensory Themed Bath’s!! The possibilities are endless and Don’t cost a lot of money. Baby C slept over on Saturday and enjoyed an Out of this World “GLOW BATH” equipped with glowing water, non-toxic shaving cream paint and Glowing Stars!! Needless to say Baby C had an absolute blast, so fun in fact he insisted on Auntie climbing in the Tub and painting with Him….Uncle Ralphie surely got a kick out of it, and Baby C Loved the fact that Auntie’s Bathing Suit Glowed in the Dark!!! (It’s a good thing we have a Jacuzzi Tub in the Master Bathroom or this wouldn’t have been pretty hahaha Baby C was officially a wrinkled prune by the time we had to drag him out, in fact we had to add warm water because the water started to get cold!! Next week Auntie Sarah will be having “Rainbow” Sensory themed Bath Time so stayed Tuned!!! 
*What you need for a GLOW BATH…First you need to have a Black Light, Ralph actually had one (Maybe from his Party Days Hmmmm) although I know I have seen them at Target for around $8 dollars! Next you will need some NON TOXIC Highlighters (I actually Skipped this step because Baby C had a Boo Boo on his leg and while it is Non Toxic I didn't want to irritate it, so the Glow Water is actually from the Glow sticks) In a Few weeks I will take pics of the Glow Water so y'all can see!!) On that note when doing any projects with young children you want to be sure all the stuff you will be working with is Non Toxic!! **How to use them, I use one highlighter for the tub water (if you don't add a lot of water you can squeeze in a few drops), open up the highlighter and hold the sponge underneath the running water. Next step is to put shaving cream in a bowl, if you are using more than one color you can use a muffin tin to separate the colors. Put shaving cream in each spot and pour a little nontoxic florescent paint into each (you don’t need much to make it glow). Add a few paint brushes and stick some stars on the walls!! Ralph and I were Amazed by how cool this this looked and Baby C was completed fascinated by the glow water and paint!! 

*You can follow me over on Pinterest to get more ideas on sensory themed Bath’s and Recent Blog updates HERE!!! :o) 

Tonight we did the GLOW BATH water!!! Baby C had an absolute Blast!!!


nancy john said...

The Master Bathroom is really cool and beautiful.

Sarah Renee said...

Thank you Nancy :o)

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